Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

"Lynsey!" Kate screamed running down the stairs with her cell in her hand to her sister. "You texted him?"

Lynsey nodded biting into her slice of toast as she sat at the breakfast bar. "Of course I had too. You seemed reluctant."

Kate rolled her eyes. "Well, I just had a baby and still looking for his father. What makes you think that I would want to be in a relationship this soon."

Lynsey moved her plate of food to the side to fully look at her sister. Kate was there through all the highs and her lows of her marriage with Johnny, Lucy's dad. All she wanted was for her sister to be happy, if she kept waiting for the guy that she met in the bar then she be waiting a long time. She knew that her sister was picky about men, never once has Lynsey saw her sister with a man.

"You need to move on. I know its only been a couple of weeks since he been born but it be nice for you to go out and mingle." She said earnestly. "I am not saying go out and sleep with every Tom, Dick and Harry. Just to widen your social circle. What harm is there in flirting by text. This new generation is calling it sexting." She said the last word on a whisper just in case Lucy could hear as she was in the other room.

Kate rolled her eyes. "I am not sending him any nudes."

Her sister snorted. "Has he asked you too? If he asks that then that means he is after sex."

Kate looked down at her Cell looking at the messages. "All he written was asking me how my day is. And if I have got anything planned."

"Well..." Lynsey took the Cell out her sister hands typing away a message back to Jason. "Hi, Jason. I am fine. Just going to spend the day at home resting with the children. And sent" She turned the Cell around to show Kate the Icon of the message being sent.

A couple of seconds later the Cell vibrated with a reply back from Jason.

"Well what does it say?" Lynsey encouraged her sister.

A small smile appeared on Kate lips. "He said he wished he could spend a relaxing day with a beautiful woman like me."

Lynsey clapped her hands giggling. "See... he likes you. Send something flirty back."

"Like what?" Kate perched on the bar stool. "I am not a flirty person. Do I call him beautiful back?"

Smacking her forehead Lynsey shook her head. "Never tell him that he is beautiful. You have to play hard to get. Erm write something along the lines of 'Thanks. How come all the beautiful ladies are running away from you lol.'"

Kate scrunched up her eyebrows. "Are you sure? That sounds a little harsh."

"That's why you put Lol or Lmao so he knows that you were joking or put one of the winking emojis." Lynsey explained. "I have to update you a lot on this dating game big sis."

Typing away back to Jason Kate silently agreed.


Enoch Rogers sat in his office behind his desk. His room was currently filled with his son, wife and other high ranking members of the pack.

"So he called just to say that the human woman and children were over on his pack lands?" Nathan his second in command also known as his Beta, para-phase what he just told them about the telephone conversation that he had with Jason.

Enoch nodded moving his chair back a little so that he mate could sit on his lap. Even though they have been mated for years their spark is still hotter than any newly mated couple.

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