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Tara's POV

I was in the car with Austin we where driving back form lunch together.

A: "I love you." Austin said out of no where.

I giggled.

T: "I love you too."

Austin then grabbed my hand and gave it a little squeeze.

A: "Hey let's go bowling!"

T: "No thanks Austin I really want to go back to the bus I'm tired.

A: "Come on Tara."

T: "How about we go shopping!"

A: "Oh yeah that reminds me, I gotta go get something.."

T: "Why?"

A: "Gotta pick up something babe, don't worry your pretty little head off."

T: "Okay?"

Austin and I pulled up to the jewelry store and he got out. He came back 3 minutes later and smiled at me. 

A: "Let's go to your Dad's concert."


A: "Baby let's go outside"

 T: "Alright?"

Both Ausitn and I walked outside went out back towards the buses.

A: "Here, stop here I want to give you somthing."

T: "What is it?"

A: "Haha here you go."

Austin handed me a small box.

T:"What is it?"

A: "Open it."

I opened the box and saw a necklace.  It was shaped like a heart. 

I looked at the back and saw little letters it said

'Tustin Forver'

I looked up and smiled.

T: "Austin that's so sweet"

A: "I wanted to get you something. "

T: "Thank you Austin."

I said hugging him.

A: "Anything for my baby girl."

I giggled. 

Just then Austin's phone rang.

A: "Yeah? okay, I understand ight bye."

T: "Who was that?" I asked.

A: "oh I need to head back to L/A."

T: "Right now?"

A: "Yeah, I'm sorry love."

T: "It's fine, at lease we got to spend time together."

A: "Yeah, I'll text you when I get back." 

T: "Okay?"

Austin then hugged me and kissed me. And left to his car.

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