34- Ride on the Moon

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Percy's PoV:

The roar was like the sound of a thousand buildings collapsing, thunder, roar of the waves during a storm and the roar of a lion combined together. All my hair stood up on end. Before I even knew it, I was shrinking back to my normal height.

I couldn't see its head which was covered in clouds because it was so tall. I looked like a mouse compared to it and only reached its knees with my maximum height. Speaking of knees, now that I was back to being a teeny tiny ant again, it had the most disgusting feet I'd ever seen. Its toes were smudged with dirt and the smell that came from its feet made me gag. Iapetus dragged me out of its way.

"Krios and Hyperion are now on their way. You have to get Artemis and escape Perseus. You'll only be harmed if you face this monster." He said hurriedly. I stared at him, shocked by his words.

"But why are you helping me? Even you will not be able to take out that monster alone." I said to him.

He smiled sadly, maybe after seeing the shock in my face. "What are best friends for?" Suddenly we heard shouts coming from our back and at the same time the monster put one foot forward. "Go, Perseus!" Since I couldn't do anything else, I teleported back to the same spot in the forest.

Luckily, the cyclops was still there sitting on the floor with Artemis put over his shoulder. When it saw me, it stood up. Then, it turned around and started to run away. It almost made me laugh. Almost. Even before he could pass the first ten trees, I got to his side and drove Riptide through its stomach. It disintegrated into dust with a roar and I caught Artemis just in time. In the distance, I could hear shouts and roars. So, making sure I was carrying Artemis properly, I teleported back to Camp Half Blood.

This time I made it to Camp just fine. I appeared inside the Infirmary, startling the demigods there. I saw that Grover, Thalia, Nico, Clarisse and Rachel were there and had cuts and bruises. Before talking to them, I laid down Artemis on the nearest bed and called one of the Apollo kids. He hurriedly came over and examined her.

"What happened?" Nico and I simultaneously asked each other.

"Fine. I'll go first." He said grumpily. "They disrupted Artemis' teleportation and caught us. They captured Artemis and let us take a message to Camp but before we could fight, they sent us here. Your turn."

"Well the same for us. They disrupted our teleportation, captured me, asked me to help them, made me cut a mountain and unleash a super monster." I said imitating Nico's style. Their eyes widened.

"What?!" They all asked me.

"We'll talk about that with Chiron later. You guys have to heal first." I told them.

"No way! We have to talk about that now before it's too late!" Clarisse said. I sighed.

"Fine. But I'll bring Chiron here and we'll talk about it here. You have to rest." Then, I flashed away to the Big House. Chiron was talking with someone through a cloud with a rainbow. Then, he saw me.

"Perseus!" His eyes widened. "He is back, Lord Zeus." He said to the cloud. I walked over to him and saw the Olympians through the cloud. I saw looks of shock, awe and relief on their faces.

"What happened, Percy?" Poseidon asked me worriedly.

"A lot of things actually. I have good news and bad news." The air turned serious. "The good news is that all of us are back safe and I defeated Atlas. The bad news is..." Everyone turned silent. "A new monster is coming our way."

"What?! But how?!" Zeus exclaimed.

"After the battle with Atlas, our teleportation was disrupted by three titans. They forced me to unleash the monster by cutting off a mountain. If I didn't do it, Artemis would have been harmed again." Zeus narrowed his eyes. I felt a bit of fear and hesitancy radiating off of him.

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