We're Alive?~All

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Here's a key just in case you need it while reading:

(L/g)- Leo's girl

(R/g)- Raph's girl

(D/g)- Donnie's girl

(M/g)- Mikey's girl

(C/g)- Casey's girl

~Donnie's PoV~

The last thing I remembered seeing was (y/n)'s crying face and multiple bullet hole wounds. I slipped into darkness. A heart beat-like rhythm echoed into my ears and thumped against my brain. I continued to aimlessly walk through the never ending black expanse before me. 

A swarm of voices overpowered me. I sank to my knees. All around me, the voices screamed my name repetitively. 

"No! Stop! Leave me alone!" I cried out as I curled into a ball as a measly attempt to get away from all of the noise.

The voices grew in power and shook the obscure room. One last "Donnie!" snapped me awake.


My body instantly snapped up into a sitting position, almost colliding heads with (y/n). I examined the room. I was back in the lab with my brothers, Casey, and their girlfriends. My beloved girlfriend took my hand and removed a helmet like contraption from my head. 

That's when my memory came back.

~Flashback because why not~

"This here is my latest invention," I removed the purple tinted tarp from the machine, "I call it the Dream Simulator."

Mikey eagerly sprinted to one of the small metal beds that connected to the Dream Simulator. He grinned and strapped the helmet onto his head.

"Let's go! I want to be the first one!" He bounced in his seat with excitement.

I sighed. "Hold on a sec, Mikey. Let me explain what it does." I turned to the rest of the crew. "Ideally, the DS should be able to record all of our dreams and store them for later. I haven't tested it out yet, so this is a trial run. You guys up for it?"

(Y/n) placed a hand on my shoulder, smiling tenderly. She sat on the opposite side of Mikey. "Won't know if it works until we try it, right?"

Raph and Leo's girlfriends both shrugged and took their seats around my invention. Casey and his girlfriend followed behind them. Raph walked up to me with his arms crossed.

"Donnie, this machine better not melt my girlfriend's mind. She's the brains of our relationship." He then walked past me and sat next to (r/g).

"You sure this is gonna work?" Leo questioned. 

"Like I said, ideally."


"Donnie, you won't believe what happened to me! I met Percy Jackson. The Percy Jackson!" Mikey hugged me. With less excitement he added, "And I think Jason Grace was flirting with (m/g)!"

(M/g) smiled slightly and shook her head at her boyfriend. "Jason just saved me from falling out of the sky. The more important part of what happened is that we literally got eaten. We sacrificed ourselves to save Camp Half-Blood."

"Wait you guys died too?" (C/g) interjected. "Casey and I totally just got killed by some Grievers! But I guess that hurt a lot less than it did to read page 250 of-"

"Nope, nope, no spoilers! I'm not even halfway through The Scorch Trials." Raph yelled. "But look, (R/g) and I got to meet Connor Lassiter, Risa Ward-"

"And Lev!" His girlfriend fangirled. Raph shot her a look of jealousy. "What? He's one of my favorites... But yeah our bodies were unwound, which I guess is more important..." 

She hugged Raph's arm and he grunted in happiness.

I strolled over to the Dream Simulator as everyone continued to talk about their experiences. I saw a small brown tail protruding from the back of the machine and went to investigate.

(L/g) jumped in next. "Leo and I got to meet Fourtris! And Uriah and-"

"And we died because Four went crazy!" Leo mumbled loud enough for everyone to hear.

"That's great and all guys, but Donnie and I got to live in the world of Prison Break. Michael and Donnie were basically best friends, and I can honestly say that Lincoln is a lot scarier in person, but he's also a sweetheart."

"Was he a sweetheart before or after he almost killed you for scaring him?" I waked back to the group. "And I think I know why we seemed to have been transported to different fandoms." I held out the half fried squirrel I just pulled from the DS. It nibbled on a piece of the wire it still had in its grasp. 

"Squirrels." Mike narrowed his eyes. "My biggest enemy."

We all collectively and confusedly glanced at Mikey, whose disposition remained serious as he glared at the tiny creature in my hands. 

Short chapter, sorry! But... I updated :)

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