Casey~ Difficult Decisions

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"I want to be a runner." You said with confidence.

A silence fell over the small group of boys by you. As if it were previously planned, a collective out burst of laughs erupted throughout the male teenagers. Confusion settled over your face. Casey gave you a nervous shrug.

"You be a runner? You're a girl!" Gally raised an eyebrow, hushing the group.

"I'm pretty sure I'm in just as capable as you are. Plus I know what's out there..." You trailed off, covering your mouth in shock. 

All of the smirks on the boys disappeared as they all stared at you. Newt took a step forward. "How can you know what's out there if you just got here?"

Casey quickly stepped in front of you. "What y/n means is that she heard all of those clicks and creepy sounds last night, so she knows the risks to being a runner!"

Newt, Gally, Minho, and Alby all narrowed their eyes at the two of you. You could've sworn you felt a giant cartoon sweat drop form on your face. 

"Makes sense to us." Minho finally said as the boys dropped their glares.

Casey let out a heavy sigh that sounded more like a whistle as it escaped through his gap. 


You and Casey sat outside of the Homestead whispering about your plans to escape the fandom. 

"Case, I have to be a runner. I know the way out of here." 

"I know, but even if we get out, how do we know that we won't just end up in the next book? What if we mess up the whole series because Thomas doesn't find the exit? He is the one who finds it right?" Casey eyes Thomas as he approaches the two of you.

"Fine, I won't go, but I'm gonna try to convince him to go find it sooner than he did in the book."

Thomas and Chuck smiled as they walked up to you. Before they could go far, Casey motioned for them to come over. Chuck whispered something to his companion and walked into the small building.

"Hey, Thomas, right?" Casey said as he shook his hand.

"Uh, yeah. Casey and y/n correct?" You both nod and he continues. "What's up?"

"We," you motioned between yourself and your boyfriend,"were wondering which job we should pick up and wanted to talk to you about yours." You smile.

"Oh, well, I guess I'm a runner. Took a lot of convincing. I'm still technically in training with Minho." He shrugged.

"Have you found anything yet?" Casey questioned.

"No, not really. They say the maze changes every night, so it's kinda hard to keep up with everything. You gonna eat that?" Thomas point toward the other half of your sandwich you hadn't touched yet. 

You handed him the plate. "You should look for patterns in everything. Surely it repeats itself somehow... maybe a new maze for each day of the week or something." You suggest.

"Maybe. I haven't asked Minho about it yet." 

A series of clicks and whirring sounds echoed from the maze. A look of fear must've passed over your face because Thomas spoke up again. "Don't worry. Those are the grievers. They're only on the outside of the walls, so you're safe in here."

"Good, because if they look anything like rats I might throw up." Casey scrunched up his face.

"Have you ever tried tracking down one of the grievers to their homes? Figure out where they go when they're not bothering us." You say, ignoring Casey's comment.

Thomas shook his head no. "But that is an impressive idea. I'll discuss it with Newt and Minho, as long as that shuck-faced Gally isn't around."

The three of you laugh a little before parting ways and exchanging good nights.


The a few days later you all were standing in front of the entrance to the wall. It was supposed to close ten minutes ago. Panic rose inside you. Today was the day everything would change. You had hoped you would have had more time.

"Casey, this isn't good. We have to warn everyone about what's going to happen." You pulled him to the side.

"Y/n we can't risk changing the book's timeline. Literally everything depends on what happens tonight if it's the day I think it is." He glances back to the open entrance.

"What if I lose you though? What if you lose me? I can't risk that." You grab his hand.

"Babe, we're heroes remember? We can handle a couple of robots." He smirked cockily.

"Wow, I really wish you would have read the books... or you know stayed awake for the movie." You sighed.

The clicking noises from the Grieves grew louder by the second. You grabbed Casey's hand and attempted to find a good place to hide. Before you could make any progress, an army of grieves bounded through the gap and began attacking everyone. 

(Just in case you don't know what a griever looks like, here's the movie version as an example)

(Just in case you don't know what a griever looks like, here's the movie version as an example)

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You watched in horror as Frypan was knocked to the ground by one of the hideous monsters. Casey sprung into action, distracting the beast with a plank of wood he found. 

"Go, get out of here!" He screamed to the boy as he dodged the Griever's needle.

You picked up a nearby shovel and helped you boyfriend kill the evil slimy creature. You high-fived Casey, but the moment was short lived as another monster sneaked up behind Casey.

"Look out!" You yelled, pushing him out of the way and taking the needle that injected a strange serum into your system.

Casey ran to you, but was stopped by two more Grievers surrounding him with the first one. He used your shovel to hit one in the head, but the other two stabbed him with the needle, injecting the same serum into his body with their robot appendages.

As you both writhed in pain, you managed to say one last thing before the entire world went black.

"I love you, Casey."

"I love you, too, y/n."

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