Man of my Word - Lewis Hamilton

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Flashback -

"Let's take this step by step Lewis..."

"Take what step by step? I just don't want this, I feel like maybe we shouldn't try this hard."

"Why are you saying this? I thought you said you liked me. Lewis?"

"And I do but... I feel like I'm not ready for what you're expecting." She laughs sarcastically.

"I don't want those things every girls want from you. I don't need your money, your cars, your clothes that's all bullshit to me. I want you, Lewis, your love, your attention you caring, only you for me that's what I want."

"So you don't care that I'm a formula one driver."

"I care about you doing what you love, I care about your happiness. Seeing you inside that car, makes you happy. Seeing your smile it's what really makes me happy, your happiness gives me goosebumps, I shiver every time you smile at me because it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. All these years being your best friend, I just couldn't avoid this anymore. Feeling everything you feel in your eyes, your body when we slept together as best friends, your tight hugs, kisses on my cheek, our nights partying like the two crazies we are, you protecting me like a small baby... how you wanted me to feel? How you wanted me to.." he raised his hand to make her stop. He walked to the wall, leaning against it.

"I told you not to fall in love with me." He whispered looking at her. The pain in her eyes causing him to want to cry. She was his weakness.

"So, I'm wrong for falling in love with the most incredible man I've ever meet in my entire existence? A man that protects me, loves me even when I'm hella drunk, waisted, sick, tired, mad, sad, sarcastic? Someone that always reminds me who I am, who makes me feel like I'm the only girl in the world, like I'm the most stunning, and beautiful human being on earth. Is that wrong Lewis?" She whispers loud enough to allow him to hear her perfectly. The puffy eyes of the young lady absolutely destroying the man in front of her. The only sound inside of the room was her sobbing low.

"YN, look... I'm not the right man for you. I'm not right for you and you know it. I wouldn't apologise myself if I've ever made you sad. You're too important to me, I can't... " she nods now not able to look at the man. "I adore you. You're my little angel. I don't want to promise you something I'll not be able to do."

"I know how you feel. You're scared to love because of everything you've been through. But here I am, you always said that I've healed you, that my company was everything to you, and what now? Lewis? WHY now? You promised me that you would always be by my side and take care of me no matter what happens. But and now? "

"YN... This isn't right." He starts but the young lady interrupts him.

"So you don't love me, right?" She asks more for her than for him. He doesn't answer, neither of them can't look at each other right now. "Alright." She says leaving and closing his apartment door.

Lewis couldn't stop thinking about her question. Did he really felt in love with his best friend? He didn't want to admit because of all the times he's been suffering for a girl. But, every time he was disappointed, YN was there to cheer him up, to make him laugh until tears rolled down his face, and until he got tired enough to sleep. She was like a real angel for the Briton, she was absolutely in love with him.

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