20 - i missed you

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JUNE 21st, 2017 @ 4:23pm

10 more days

luna: hey

alex: luna omg i missed you

luna: it was 6 days

alex: yea i know but

luna: i missed you too alex

alex: then why didnt you text me sooner

luna: i needed a break from the internet

alex: yea i noticed you didnt post anything either

luna: oops

alex: so what did you do for 6 days

luna: laid in bed reading

alex: what book?

luna: forever interrupted

alex: wait why did u need a break

luna: every social media i had got hate

alex: why youre perfect

luna: ah u make me smile

alex: hey i'm out at lunch and my phone is gonna die. talk to you later?

luna: talk to you soon:)

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