Chp. 11

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The cold autumn air sent a chill through my spine. It wasnt just the cold, either.

I saw Valentine wait impatiently on the ground.

"Oh stop giving me that look, you're a ghost, you can move faster," I snapped.

Valentine smirked.

I rolled my eyes. I followed him to what looked like an open field. Then, in the middle was a portal. It shimmered with what looked like flowing water. Valentine approached it and commanded me to follow. I did. We stepped through, and as we did, my insides twisted and turned. Why are you trusting Valentine? Have you really stooped that low? Maybe she isn't worth it after all...

No. I tried to get that thought out of my head. Clary was everything to me. I would go through hell and back to save her.

Once we landed, I felt relief flood over me. I never really got used to going through portals. He led me through woods that I recognized. Idris. Why were we in Idris? I had never given much thought to what Sebastian's mysterious villain lair, but nothing like what stood in front of me. The house was a cottage. Flowerbeds grew on each side and windows were curtained with a velvety silk. What the hell? It wasnt a glamour, was it? I looked more closely at it. Nope.

I took a step closer to the door and reached for the doorknob. I looked at Valentine. Wasn't he just a hallucination, anyways? Why are you listening to him? How do you know he's not leading you into a trap? Many questions raced through my mind. Valentine nodded in approval.

Pfft, like I needed approval from the guy who KILLED me.

I opened the door. Silence. Then a scream. The scream was achingly familiar. Clary. I raced inside and pulled out a witchlight stone. The room was empty. Where was the scream coming from? I turned around and faced a projector screen. On it was him and Clary. The picture had been edited where Clary had a knife in her heart and was screaming.

What the bloody hell? And by bloody, I meant bloody. I heard a snicker and spun around. There, in the room was Sebastian and next to him was Valentine. Or was it really Valentine? I wasn't sure. Sebastian smirked and finally said, "Hello, little brother. Think you can take me on by yourself? Im surprised you came here alone," he scoffed.

The reality hit me that maybe that was a stupid idea. Just maybe.

I took out my dagger and threw it at him. He lifted a hand and with one swift motion, he caught the blade.

"Really, Jace? You think you can defeat me?" He laughed a horrible, cruel, and wicked laugh.

"Where is she?" I screamed.

Sebastian for once in his life, looked confused?

"Don't you see her..?" Sebastian asked.

I looked frantically around the room, but all I saw was Sebastian and Valentine.

I shook my head. "Don't play games with me, Sebastian!"

He laughed. "I dont play games, I win them."

I tilted my head and felt my anger rise.

"Where. Is. She?" I gritted my teeth.

He smiled and pointed to Valentine. "Right here."

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