Sans x werwolf reader pt 2

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Not a lemon but has lemony things like hentai
(Sans POV)
I've been hanging out a lot with Y/N, she's really funny and fun to joke around with. I never got my jacket back though, every time I come over she seems to be wearing it. Even in her wolf form, she'll carry the damn thing around. I learned a lot about werwolfs like they can control themselves most of the time but on blood moons they have no say in what happens. She tells me over and over what to do incase she loses control in her wolf form, pretty much all I have to do is drag her down to her basement and lock her down there.

I teleported behind Y/N's couch and saw her sleeping in her wolf form. I snickered and scratched behind her ear, she turned to her stomach and I rubbed it. "More like an over grown puppy dog then a wolf wouldn't you say" I whispered in her ear. I rubbed her stomach some more when she yelped and jumped up, she started whining as she looked at me. She grabbed my jacket that she never has two inches away from her and turned into her human form quickly throwing on and zipping up the jacket.

"Sans, what have I told you about popping in here without letting me know!" She scolded, I chuckled "hey I didn't, I asked you if I could come over a few minutes ago over the phone remember." She huffed "and looked at the clock, next time we make plans remind me to check the clock." I pat her head "so lil pup, you going to change or just wear my hoodie" she blushed and looked away.

"yes lil pup"
"Go fuck yourself" she said and got up to go change.

When she came back she was wearing black leggings and my hoodie. "Hey lets watch a movie" I said grabbing the remote, she quickly grabbed the remote away from me blushing. "Y-yeah sound good, w-what do you wanna watch" I looked at her confused "what wrong with you, your usually fine with me using the remote to go on Netflix....unless~" she blushed more and I laughed "oh my god you don't want me to see what your resonantly searched do you." She blushed more "t-that's not it at all, I-it's just you picked the movie last time and I think I should pick the movie."

I smiled "then you won't mind if I look at your recently searched list would you~"
She blushed more and I jumped for the remote, she pulled it away but I ended up falling on her. I looked at her with a smirk on my face "you know pup, I know all your weaknesses, so give me the remote and I'll spare you, or don't and we'll do this the hard way."

She shook her head "your not getting it you Baka" I chuckled "have it your way." With those words I scratched behind her ear and she started panting like a dog. "Give me the remote" I said she shook her head "never" I sighed and started to scratch/rub her stomach. She started to squirm a little and growl at me. "Come on pup, I'll stop if you give me the remote" I held my hand out and she handed the remote to me. I stoped and looked at her recently searched list, there was nothing on it. She laughed "I always get my way" she said and curled up in a ball snuggling into my jacket.

I picked her up and set her in my lap "come on, tell me what you where watching before I came over~" she shook her head. "No, your never going to know" I sighed and set my head on her's. She yawned and snuggles up to me "it's nothing you would be interested in anyway" she said closing her eyes. "It was something for school, that way you don't think anything you sinner" she said.

I laid down with her laying on my stomach? "You where watching a documentary on human skeletons again weren't you" she stuck her head up "how the hell did you know, wait again, you knew! How I always delete it before you come over" I chuckled "your good at hiding your recently searched, not so good for the recently watched." She looked at the TV and saw me going through her watch history.

She blushed and I chuckled when I saw some hentai that looked interesting "hey, let's watch this, you added it to your favorites so it must be good~" she blushed blood red and lunged for the remote. "T-turn it off" she yelled but I just laughed as I watched the hentai. She avoided eye contact with me the entire movie, but I saw that she was actually watching it.

When it ended I smirked "hey Y/N~ wanna roll play~" she blushed even more if that was even possible.
I then noticed the she had the hood of my hoodie up, it covered her eyes and that was about it. I pulled the hood down and saw her eyes where purple. "Y/N, are you ok your eyes are purple" I asked concerned "Sans you Baka!" She yelled and covered her face.

"What did I do" "you put me in heat" it took me a moment to proses what she said but when I did I laughed. "Oh really~ sooo if I touch you here" I rubbed her back and sides "does it make it better or worse?" She hid her face with the hood "s-stop it, you'll do something you'll regret" she said.

I just smiled and started rubbing all over  her body. I have to admit that the hentai put me in heat as well. "Hey pup, I'm in heat too~ soooo I can help you out if you want~"

"Never say never~"

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