One Night

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An unrequited love, she was.

An unresolved mystery, they were.

But the one night that had changed it all for them

Was one of pure passion and lust.

He moved forward, leaning against her

She was submissive and did nothing to begin

He kissed her softly, his sweet mouth on hers

She was begging for more to come from within

He caressed her lovingly, with a love she’d never felt before.

She responded shyly, uneasy of what was to come

He looked at her with eyes of wild emotion and wanting more

She simply looked with loving eyes and wisdom

He touched her and spoke gentle words of love

She was slow and wanting to hear more.

He gave her what she needed, what she could take

She was writhing in her place with painful desire

He was perceptive, and quickly learning her sweet spots

She was on edge, about to explode

He knew it was time to let her feel it throughout

She felt him tense and held on tighter

A perfect moment, it was for them.

A gentle kiss that ended it for her

But she was yet to show him, the full extent of her love

For even if it did end, it was not something to be forgotten.

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