Chapter 1: Our partners, the first job.

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Well~? Did you guys like the first chapter? I know, it was only three or so pages, and I'm trying for it to be more.

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Chapter 1: Our partners, the first job.

Lucy's POV


"Yay! A new job!" I exclaimed. We were all walking to the train station which was not very far from here, quite convenient.

"It's not going to be that exciting once you see the Sabertooth team." said Gray.

"About that, why do you guys hate them so much?" asked little Wendy.

"It's a long storyyyy." whined Happy.

"You're so lazy." scolded Charle. Happy immediately started crying anime tears as he tried to explain to Charle why he was not lazy.

"So how do we know that they're from Sabertooth?" asked Natsu.

"Well, it depends on their looks. If not, wait for them to approach us." I said. We arrived at the station, and right now, were trying to search through the crowd.

"I think that's them over there. They have a big flag with the Sabertooth mark on it." said Wendy, who sweat-dropped. We all walked over, and I stayed behind to watch them go ahead.

I heard the gasps from the team, so of course, I became curious.


I twitched my eyebrow in confusion, and i sweat-dropped. Why do we have to work with THESE people?

I was staring at non other than Minerva Orlando, Rufus Lore, Yukino Aguria, two little exceeds, and when I saw them I guessed that there must be two dragon slayers. But my heart dropped when I knew that Sabertooth only had two dragon slayers, and both hated Gajeel and Natsu.

I think their names were Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney.  I stayed at the back, not wanting to mingle with them at all, especially the two males. Minerva and Erza would have a fit. But wait, isn't Sabertooth's master with us? He's Sting!

And who's watching the guild if the master is with us?! It's not like he has someone like Mira!

"Erza Scarlet." said Minerva, and Erza did the same for her. Sting and Natsu were having a serious eye to eye contact, Rufus and Gray were practically fighting, Wendy and the two exceeds along with Rogue and the........other two exceeds seem to be getting along............normally.

"GUYS! STOP FIGHTING!" I exclaimed, trying to get my guild's attention. Fortunately, it worked, and everyone stared at me.

"Lucy Heartfillia." whispered Sting, and Rogue shook his head.

"Look, this isn't the way to be treating each other. We have to be working together for quite awhile, and it's not good to be hostile! We have to learn to work together. No physical fighting please!" I said, and surprisingly, everyone nodded their head in agreement.

"Wow, hello there Lucy. Nice to see you again!" greeted Yukino.

"Y-Yukino?! I've been trying to get you ever since you gave me your keys, and I want to return them!" I said.

"No, it's okay. I trust them with you." she said.

"Well, you lost your power like that. How're you going to fight now?" I asked.

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