Authors note:

If I haven't announced it already, Gabriella has a British accent and Victoria is American! They go to the University of Manchester.. Just thought you needed to know if I haven't said it already.. Thank you!

Sorry about the long description on the room.. I wanted to paint a really good picture in y'all's heads haha


Gabriella and I walked down the long halls to our dorm, greeting people as we passed by. We talked about anything that popped into our minds.

"Oh! Remember the time when you were over at my mothers house and my younger brother tried hitting on you?" I asked. I couldn't stop laughing. "Well, he's is only a year younger than us but still, it was hilarious" I said now laughing harder as we reached are dorm, B22.

"It isn't that funny" she said in between laughs, unlocking the door to our dorm.

Our dorm was quite cosy and it was small. The walls are plain white with a window right on the line of where Gabriella's bed is. In the middle of the room sat two furry, plain white chairs that were across from each other with a clean white chest between them that lay on a small, square, furry black rug. On the wall the door is on was our medium-sized flat screen tv. The left wall is indented out which is where my bed lay. On the same indented wall sat my small shelf of school books with a mini fridge on top. On the shelf above my bed is many plain white decor boxes with my jewelry and other items in them; picture frames lay on the shelf as well. Gabriella's side was pretty much the same just her bed laid on the farthest wall from the door, not far from mine. In between out two beds was an indention to a door, which was our closet. Many decorations were also hung to match our white, black, and light blue room.

I walked in throwing my bags on one of the furry chairs. Gabriella throwing hers onto her bed.

"Okay so what so you want to study first? Literature, mathematics, sociology, or journalism?" She said while scanning through her notes.

"Um, let's start with sociology." I said but it came out more as a question. I pulled out the notes and we started to study.

My phone buzzed so I pulled it out if my pocket. It was a text from Dylan. His father is a music producer so he is always inviting us to these parties his father has for famous people.

Dylan: 'Hey, there's a party tonight at mine.. Well, my dad's but you know what I mean. Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, One Direction and a lot of other people are suppose to be there. You coming?'

'Of Course! When is it?'

Woah wait, One Direction? I thought to myself.i laughed as it all came to me now.I recognized the blonde boy I met at Starbucks earlier, Niall, so much because he is in One Direction! How could I be so stupid! I wish someone would come and hit me on the side of my head for being so blind! Sophia didn't know either? Did she?

'Tonight at 8. I'll see you and Gabby later then!'

"Gabriella, were going to another 'famous' party!" I practically yelled while quoting the famous part.

"Yay! What should I wear?" She said with a huge smile.

I tossed her a pair of dark denim skinny jeans, a pink shirt that said 'Dude' on it, and a pair of brown combat boots.

"Oh! And wear your hair down!" I said happily.

"Okayy and Thannk youu!" She sang with a light laugh.

"Yourr welcomee!" I sang back while choosing a light pair of ripped skinny jeans, a loose black shirt with no sleeves. Sort of like a wide tank-top in a away, and the Rolling stone Symbol on it, and a pair of black combat boots.

Once we finished our hair and makeup it was already 7:30. It would take us about 20 minutes to reach Dylan's fathers house.

"Okay, let's go!" I said. I turned out the lights and locked the door behind us.

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