Chapter 3: I saw nothing...

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"Hey wake up. Wake up!" I heard Blake say to me. I groaned and moved to the other side.

"No. Wake up! Sweetheart wake up." He said encouragingly.

"You need to fudge off and leave me alone!" I growled.

No one bothers me from I sleep, or when my sleep. Ha! Not even my mom, she knows I'm not a morning person. She'll probably be like, 'Honey wake up please. No? Okay.' Then walk out.

"Blake, move aside." Dominic said then I heard shuffling. He gripped onto my shoulders started shaking me really fast.

"Wha-a-a-a" I said finally opening my eyes.

"There. See! Problem solved!" He grinned and stepped back behind Blake.

"Hey sleeping beauty." Blake said smiling.

"More like a beast" Dominic mumbled under his breath. What? You fudging... I glared at him.

Realizing I heard him, he coughed awkwardly and looked away. That's right boy! Look away! "Come on now sweetheart, it's breakfast time." Food?!

My eyes shot to him. "FOOD!!!" I screamed, threw of the sheets, and ran straight to the kichen.

"Damn she's fast when there's food involved" I heard Dominic faintly say.

Cue the spotlight on the breakfast. I literally flung myself to it and started stuffing my face with bacon and eggs.

"Told you she was a beast" Dominic whispered to Blake. I turned to glare at him.

"Hahaha! Dom, she looks like an angry chipmunk! Haha!" Blake said and bursted out laughing, clutching his stomach. I shrugged and went back to stuffing my face. So gooood!!!

After I was done eating, I patted my tummy and started going back upstairs.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?" Dominic yelled.

"Upstairs, duh!" I said giving him an are you stupid look.

"Wait!" Blake suddenly yelled from the kitchen. "What?" I asked turning my head in his direction.

"We never got your name." He said.

"Well technically... You can't-" I got cut off by Dominic. " You know what he means, just tell him your gosh darn name!" Dominic said annoyed.

"This is... SPARTA!!!" I yelled and ran upstairs, into my room, and closed the door with a bang.

*Dominic's POV*

"I fricken hate her. If it weren't for the pay, I would have killed and hid her body by now..." I muttered.

"Calm down Dom, she's to innocent to be killed and you know it." Blake said punching my arm lightly. Ha! Innocent my butt! She's annoying as heck!

"Whatever, I just can't wait until she leaves." I said. "You do know he's not gonna arrive until later on, right?" Blake said slowly. Ah shit, I forgot about that...

"How long will that take exactly?" I cautiously asked. Please don't be to long! Please don't be to long! "Uhh... approximately thirty days..." Blake said hesitantly. Maaann!!! That's gonna take all four of the evers!!!

"Nooo! That's to long! What, does he like live all across the globe or something?" I said sarcastically.

"Actually he does. In the description that we were asigned to, it said that he lives all the way across the world because he wanted to keep it 'low key'." He said quoting the low key.

"Wait, I just don't get two thing." I said confused.

"Shoot" he said motioning for me to continue.

"If he lives all the way over there, how does he know about 'Sparta' over there? Also if he lives across the globe, does it really take that long to arrive? Shouldn't it be longer?" I said pointing upstairs.

His face turned into confusion as well. "I don't know. Probably knows her or something... And I'm not really sure how long." He said, face scrunched up trying to figure out how all this works

"Doesn't matter anyways. He comes here, gives us our money, takes her, and leaves. Simple as that." I said waving my hand.

Aw, she's pretty fun to hang around with though..." He whined.

"Doesn't matter. We can't back down on our deal anyways. It's to late. He's already on his way" I said looking away.

"Well that sucks" He sighed and walked into the living room.

*Maya's POV*

I sighed for like the seventh time in the past thirty minutes. I'm bored! I opened my door slowly and peeked out. Coast is clear! Move out! I tip-toed down the stairs and poked my head in the kitchen.

What? When I'm bored, I eat. I looked both ways before running in and opening the cabinets. Chips! Yaass! I grabbed as much as I can and ran back to my room.

"All by my self. Don't wanna be, all by my self!." I sang, wait... I forgot the name of the song while stuffing some cheetos in my mouth. I wiped my hands before standing up.

Where's Dominic? I wanna go bother him. Cue evil laugh.

I opened my door again and ran into random rooms hoping one of them is his.

Is it this one? I thought opening the door. Nope. How bout this one? No. This? Nuh-uh.

"Why are so many rooms if there's only two people?" I whispered angrily to myself.

I slammed the next door open to find... Dun-dun-duun!!! Dominic on top of Blake?? Whaaa? Both heads snapped to me. Staring at them shocked, I slowly closed the door, eyes still wide open, and mouth hanging open. I saw nothing...

I slowly walked down the hall. Hearing shuffling and a door being opened roughly by none other then Dominic, I jumped up scared and started running.

"I'm sorryyyy!" I screamed down the hall both arms in the air.

Next thing you know, I'm being thrown over his shoulder. "Hey put me down! I'm sorry I suddenly walked in and interrupted something, I didn't know that was happening! If I had known, I would have just stayed in my room being a couch potato and eating chips while singing very loudly! By the way I totally ship you guys! Please don't kill me!" I yelled, closing my eyes tightly.

"Don't know what your talking about. It was just a misunderstanding." He said calmly.

"He wouldn't give me back my phone, so I tackled him." He continued, walking back to the room.

"Sweetheart!" Blake said happily, ripping me out of Dominic's grasp and bear hugging me.

"Air" I wheezed and he instantly let go. "Sorry." He grinned sheepishly.

Dominic grabbed his phone from the ground and walked out of the room, closing the door. Okay then...

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