Chapter 6

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Y/N's POV:

"Tell me y/n. Why did you break up with me?" She asked "you broke up with me in the middle of a tour through text message"

"It was because of distance I told you" I said

"I know that's not it y/n" she said

"You really want to know?" I asked with a laugh and she nodded

"One night I went to surprise you at your hotel. I knocked on your door but Dinah was the one that opened it. I guess you two were roommates at the time" I said and she just stared at me intently

"I asked her where you were and she said that you were with some guy named Michael" I said and I saw her face freeze and her body stiffen

"I didn't want to think anything of it so I decided to leave it and went to my own hotel room and would come back later" I said. I looked up to see her face and she looked so frightened

"As I made my way out of the elevator to the floor where my room was, it ironically enough was the same floor as that guy's room. Then I recognized that he was that guy from that one band that had always had a crush on you" I said and she still stared at me like she was about to burst into tears. And looking into her eyes I know she knew what I was talking about

"Then I saw you two kiss against his door and then you went into his room with him" I said and she closed her eyes and a tear fell

"Y/n I-"

"I let you off the hook the first time with Mahone but then you go and do that. I wasn't going to be a fool again camila" I said

"Y/n please let me explain" she said

"No there's no need to explain Camila. The past is the past and you cheated on me. Look I don't care anymore. I'm over it. I forgave you. But you wanted to know so bad there you go" I said and she began to sob more

"And I would've thought you would at least stop talking to him but from the looks of your leaked text messages you still continued to talk to him" I said and she looked down shamefully "nice texts by the way" I said just to add salt to the wound

(A/n lmfaooo)

"Now tell me this" I said "why?" I asked "it hurt me so bad I just don't understand what I did to make you be with someone else while we were together. And not just once but twice camila" I said to her

"I don't know y/n. I was young and stupid. I was new to the music industry I had all these famous people coming at me, talking to me. I don't know I guess I just got caught up in the fame" she said and I rolled my eyes

She wiped her tears but then grabbed my hand

"But I'm changed now Baby" she said "I'm not a kid anymore. I know what I did was beyond wrong but please y/n I promise I'm not like that anymore" she said and I lightly laughed again

"See you say that but you just cheated on your current boyfriend with me" I said "tell me how is that different?"

"Because it's you y/n" she yelled out frustratedly "I told you. I'd leave him in a heartbeat for you. I'd leave anyone for you" she said

"No" I said "you'd be with anyone until you're tired of them and come back to me because you know I'll always be there to welcome you with open arms" I said "you say you've changed well guess what so have I. And I'm not gonna be that same kid that let's you comes back into her life so easily" I said

"Then what the fuck was last night then" she yelled even more frustrated "you're no better than me you cheated on the girl you say love oh so much"

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