(1)Russet Shades

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"It stared at me as its shadow flickered and danced across the water

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"It stared at me as its shadow flickered and danced across the water..."

Russet shades

"Pump it up!"

"Oh, control yourself! We're still in public, Trita!"

A delightful laugh escaped my lips as Sonya slapped the dancing brunette next to her. Trita immediately stopped dancing to the beat in her head and gaped at the platinum blonde beside me.

She was so good at this; making us feel guilty. Sometimes I wonder where she acquired her theatrical skill. Her father was an accountant and her mother was a pharmacist. Not much creativity required there. Though, let genetics stop Trita from leaving a flair of drama and appeal behind.

Sonya rolled her eyes and continued to walk, her petite feet disappearing into the white sand with every step.

Trita crossed her arms and pouted, but quickly jogged to keep up with our pace. "I expect an apology!"

"Ha!" I said and flicked my golden bronze hair over my shoulder.

Trita shot me a smirk and Sonya groaned. She knew exactly where I was headed.

"Oh yes... My, my..." Trita threw her rainbow colored beach towel over her right shoulder and adjusted her shades with a finely purple painted middle finger.

Sonya sighed and spoke before we had the chance, "Stop this you two! I'm serious!"

"You're always serious..." I spoke up as a wave crashed onto a pile of nearby rocks.

The water splattered left and right and a faint sea spray hit Trita on the side of her face, causing her to quickly wipe it away.

Sonya chuckled, but her amusement was short-lived as Trita and I continued to smirk at her from the side. She was so going to get it this vacation.

Last time all three of us were together was back home in our small, harbor town of Caneyville. It was about two weeks ago- before Sonya left for their annual summer family holiday to Seagull's Valley. It was just about an hour's drive away along the sunny, fresh coast. Trita and I were readily armed with our cucumber masks, Lana Del Rey CD-sets and a full two seasons box-set of Friends, but even after a weeks' notice, Sonya called the day before and canceled.

Apparently she had a huge date...

"Oh come on! I was honestly looking forward to the stay-awake, as usual, but give me a break! It was Dave Hanner, for heaven's sake! He's like a total hunk of-"

"I don't care if he's a hunk of vanilla crumbled cheesecake; you bailed on us!" I scoffed, "You need to be punished!"

"Cheesecake? Ugh...Disgusting" Trita mumbled at my comment and I gave her a silly look.

Sonya rolled her light green eyes and stared up at the cloudless blue sky. Trita smiled and whispered with a sweet voice, "Don't worry...We'll go easy on you since you invited us to your humble abode for the week. But only because of that."

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