Part 103*

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Once Shravan and Sumo were done getting ready, Shravan wrapped his arms around Sumo and helped her get down the stairs. As they were descending, they saw Ramnath and Nirmala sitting in the living room talking with each other.

Ramnath: Suman Beta, how are you feeling now?

Sumo: Better Papa. My headache is almost gone.

Nirmala: That's good Beta. Did you need something? Why did you come down, I could have brought it up to you.

Ramnath: Yes Suman. And Shravan, Suman needs full bed rest. Why did you let her come down?

Sumo: No Papa. Actually I was getting very bored so I asked Shravan if I could go out somewhere.......

Shravan: Yeah, I was going to take Sumo out. We will eat dinner and then come home late.

Ramnath: Ok Shravan! Enjoy and take care of Suman.

Nirmala: Shravan I don't think you should take Suman outside. It would be better if she stayed home.

Shravan: I think I know what is better or worse for my wife. I don't need your advice. (glaring at Nirmala)

Nirmala: No Shravan I didn't mean it like that. I'm just telling you for Suman's wellbeing. I know how to take care of people when they are sick. I have more experience then you beta. I'm not saying you don't know how to care for Suman. Of course you do.

Shravan: (rolling his eyes) When have you even taken care of another person? Did you ever take care of me or Papa? No! I don't think so! Ah yes, there is one person that you took care of. That Aditya! And we all know how that turned out.

Nirmala: I was just------

Shravan: (cutting her off) Papa, we will be leaving now.

Sumo: Don't worry Ma, I will be fine. (weakly smiling) Bye Papa.

Ramnath: Bye Beta, have fun.

Shravan and Sumo made their way out of the house and into Shravan's car. Shravan helped Sumo in before hopping into the driver seat and driving off. Shravan was awfully quiet and Sumo knew exactly why.

Sumo: Shravan you can be nice you know? She is the women who gave birth to you.

Shravan: And then she threw me away! (gritting his teeth)

Sumo: But Shravan------

Shravan: (cutting her off) Jaan, I want to celebrate us right now. Why are we wasting our precious moments on worthless people?

Sumo: Ok sorry. (looking down)

Shravan: Don't say sorry Love. Anyways, is someone excited about our little date??

Sumo: (smiling) Yup! I can't wait to see!

Shravan: And I can't wait to show you! (smiling and holding her hand)

After an hour of driving and Sumo and Shravan's lipsync battles in the car, they had finally reached their destinitaion. Sumo opened her car door and shievered as she felt a cold breeze hit her petite body. Shravan came around to her side, wrapping her in the warmth of his body.

They body walked towards the direction that Shravan has choosen and Sumo knew that it would be romantic one for sure.

After walking for a bit, Shravan and Sumo reached the edge of a gorgeous lake, surrounded by a lot of big trees. The banks of the lake was covered in sand and upon walking a little bit close, Sumo saw a view that left her speechless.

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