nine ; cravings for the wicked

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ix. cravings for the wicked

━ ❝ but he's the villain ❞

━ ❝ but he's the villain ❞

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THEY HAD BEEN trekking in the jungle for at least two hours before Hook finally announced the ridge was up ahead. Arabella had sighed in relief, dragging her legs up the steep cliff in agony. One thing was for sure, without the Captain they wouldn't have gotten so much as past the water. With his help, they had successfully gotten to land and began their journey to a ridge that would allow them to see Pan's camp. Every step she took, Arabella felt as if someone was staring directly at her. At first, she assumed it was one of her companions, but when she turned to look, they weren't. This occurrence kept happening throughout.

She nearly laughed to herself because clearly, she was just being paranoid. But no. Someone was watching her. No matter where she looked, she couldn't find the source. Arabella caught up to David and Hook, leaning forward to question the Captain. "You really think we're going to be able to see Pan's hideout?"

He nodded, not turning to her. "From there, we should be able to see everything, including where he's keeping Henry."

Regina was behind them, flicking branches and leaves out of her face. Her clothes were not made for this adventure. Neither was anyone else's besides Hook's. Yet, none of them made a move to do anything about it because that wasn't important to them at the moment. Finding Henry was. "You know, I could have just poofed us up here in an instant," Regina pointed out exasperatedly.

"Where?" Hook asked her. "Have you any idea what's up here or anywhere? There are dangers all about. Only I can guide us past them."

Arabella agreed with him. Hook had lived on this island for centuries she believed. He had dodged Pan and the Lost Boys long enough to find a way out of the dreaded place. Then somehow he made his way to Cora who helped his thirst for vengeance. And this only perked her interest in what she was doing at that time. Was she happy? "Hate to break to you, Regina but Hook's right. He's lived here before. If he tells us to walk up a ridge for two hours, then we listen."

Hook gave the Evil Queen a victorious smirk to which she gave him a glare. Mary Margaret fell back to talk to Emma while the rest continued. Regina went up to Arabella and spoke to her quietly. "Arabella, we can just use our magic and go get Henry ourselves. They only going to slow us down."

She sighed in response, giving the woman a tired look. "Regina, if we did that, Pan could trap us and do who-knows-what to Henry. We can't risk that." She looked ahead at David. "Okay so they are slowing us down, but they want to do this right. One bad step and we could lose any chance of rescuing your son."

Regina got her point but still didn't agree. She was thinking about the easy way. Pan could be watching their every move. Hook already told them that the immortal boy knew everything that happened on the realm whether they liked it or not. What was to say he wasn't watching them at that moment? Maybe that's who was watching Arabella.

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