Chapter Eight: So, We Meet Again

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  Dani's P.O.V


  "That'll be 2£ girls," the driver said. Carrie handed her the money and we jumped out. As our taxi pulled out another pulled in, but us girls were all ready running in.


Phil's P.O.V


  Our taxi pulls up to the hotel, just as we get out 3 girls run in. "Those girls looked familiar," Dan says. "Yeah..." I reply. "Well, let's go!" Dan yells pulling me in. "Excuse me, miss." I say to the receptionist beside the girls. Their head turn towards me. That's Dani, Jamie, and Carrie....  Their heads grow wide, like mine and Dans. They grab their key card and run rob the elevator, just like me and Dan. Dani tackles Dan, and Jamie tackles me while Carrie just stands there. "Okay, so yeah hi!" Dani yells. Man she's hyper. I notice she dyed the tips of her hair blonde. She hugs me too, and butterflies erupt in my stomach. Wait, is she hugging me!? "Well, no hello for me?" Carrie asks. Me and Dan tackle her. "Owwww...." She whines from under us. [not like that you dirty bastards.]
          Smile A lot,

                   Trinity Falls

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