His Right

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His right.

Sexton. A world where porn is a day to day topic, Virgins are the rarest thing to be found and sex is the biggest part of a persons life. 

Sexton males and females are all sexually aware at the age of ten. They begin to learn what is needed in the life as a Sexton. Males are taught to be dominate. Females are taught to be submissive. It was just how Sexton was founded.

Sexton have a prophecy. Four females who are unable to bare hair on any other place other then their head are destained to be the mates of the four prince’s of Sexton. 

So what happens when four earth females are caught watching a porn video from Sexton? They are sent there. Earth has shunned them. Females are to have nothing to do with sex unless they were married, but even then, sex is as basic as it can possibly be.

What happens when these four females are forced to become slaves to the four prince’s. What happens when the prince’s find out their new slaves don’t bare hair on any other place other then their head.


hey everyone! this is my fourth account, so i know how everything works. :))

i wanted to start a new book, and a complete new series.

this book is a strong sex based book. 

if you are innocent at mind, please do not read this. most of the book is sex involved.

but if you have that dirty streak in you, you are welcome to read on.

thank you all! 

sexton xo

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