Chapter Seven: 12 Years Later

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Dani's P.O.V


    So here's what happened, when we got to the orphanage, Dan got adopted immediately, but no-one wanted me, so I stayed till I was 18, then moved on with Carrie and Jamie. Yes, we forgave Jamie and Phil. Well, we all became YouTubers, even Dan and Phil. My YouTube name is CutieDani. I'm pretty sure Dan and Phil forgot about us too......

     "Dani!" Jamie called. "Coming Jame!" I said back. I ran down stairs with my suitcase, ready to go to London. "We're going now!" Carrie said. Then , we were off.


Phil's P.O.V


     "Come on Dan!" I yelled at Dan, who was straightening his hair, again! "Okay Phil!" He said and ran out rob the plane. Today, we go to New York.


Carrie's P.O.V


        "Carr, It's time to wake up... The plane landed," Dani's light, British accent rang through my ears. I jumped up. "Alright!" I ran off the plane with my bags, Jamie and Dani running behind me. I waved a taxi over. "London Royal Hotel please!" I said just as Jamie and Dani jumped in. London here we come.


Dan's P.O.V


     "Dan! Wake up dude!" Phil shouted in my ear. "Owww... Dude really!?" I asked while grabbing my bag from him. "Yup! We need to get to the hotel!" He said. Oh yeah! I followed him to a taxi. "London Royal Hotel!" He yelled. The driver flinched. Hehe.

Okay, so I might have said New York at first, but their in London.

Forever A UNICORN,
         Abby and Trinny

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