Law 58

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In Connecticut firetrucks can't go over 25 miles per hour even when going to a fire.

Here's a scenario because I'm board:

Fire Chief:  hurry! All available men to Town Hall it's on fire!
Everyone there: *runs to fire truck*
Like two minutes later: *police sirens come on and police pulls the truck over.*
Fire truck driver: we're on on our way to save town hall!
Police officer: don't care pay the fine and don't go over 25 miles per hour.
45 minutes later:
Mayor: *grumbling* why were you not here earlier!? The Town Hall is burnt down!! I'll call the police and report you all!!!!
All firemen: *roles eyes and swears under their breaths*
Policeman: hay little bro what do you need?
Mayor: they let the town hall burn down!!
Policeman: your the same guys I pulled over earlier, right?
Firemen: uh...yeah...
Policeman: sorry little bro they were following the law.
Mayor: bu-
Policeman: no buts. You have no legal grounds. Now good sirs and ma'ams go home while I scold my little bro.
Firemen: ok... *backs away slowly and gets in truck*


...I think I went a bit over board on this one...well I guess it works...

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