chapter 8

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"I wish they would get married," I said, nodding towards Nathaniel and Helena, "but, sadly, the King and Queen are against it. Maybe he should just get her with child, and then they would have to get married." I was thinking out loud. "There must be another way, though, because if that were to fail, she'd end up as his mistress, and then both her and the child would end up miserable." Tristan said thoughtfully.

I saw that the subject struck something in him, so I said, "If you have a better idea, will you help me get them together?"

He thought for a moment before answering. "Okay, then lets have a strategy meeting tomorrow. How about in Nathaniels rooms?"

I agreed just as the song ended, and I left to pull Helena and Nathaniel to the side to tell them the plan. At first they were against it, but slowly I could see the hope in their eyes grow.


Isobel's pov.

It felt like my head had barely even touched the pillow when Helena woke me up, and subtle as she was, she did it by jumping on my bed.

I threw my pillow at her, which only made her jump higher and smile wider. 

Knowing that I would lose this battle, I sat up. “Before you even consider getting me to look awake, when the sun has not even begun to think about shining, you'd better bring me some tea and breakfast,” I said.

Helena, now sitting still across from me on the bed, pointed at a tray that I had failed to notice before, smirking. “You’d think I didn't know you at all.”

We looked at each other for a couple of seconds before bursting out laughing.

“By the level of excitement you are showing, I take it that you really do care for my brother? I have seen the way you look at each other, and he has never tried to hide his feelings, but are you ready to openly declare it, and suffer the consequences that will arise,??” I asked, grabbing a pastry.

At once, all of the color vanished from her face, and her eyes turned watery. “ I-I'm ready, but I'm also scared of what the future will bring for us. We haven't even shared a kiss… What if our love won't last under all this pressure? If so, what do I do?”

I resisted the urge to giggle at how cute she was, and hugged her. I cradled her head in my hands and wiped her tears away.

“Now, now, hush. We can't have you running to Nathan with your eyes all red and puffy, can we?” When she shook her head dejectedly, I continued. “Just take it one day at a time and it will be okay. I promise. As for the kiss,” I gave her a coy smile, “you can do something about that as soon as I'm ready, or you could even go to him now if you'd rather do it without a chaperone.”

The color that had vanished from her cheeks earlier now returned tenfold.

I laughed as she fled out the door, undoubtedly to make my words become a reality before the courage left her.

As I lay back on my bed, my fingers found their way to my lips, and I smiled, allowing myself five minutes of weakness before locking thoughts like that away forever. My body still remembered his lips on mine, so soft and yet so filled with lust. Yet it had been over before it had even begun, and I might as well have imagined it all.

With that thought, I decided enough was enough, and pushed myself off the bed and out of the silly dream my brain had created. 


Tristan's POV

As I walked down the corridor, I mentally kicked myself. One look from that little beauty, and I was already forgetting the real reason for this visit.

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