Chapter Six: Orphans

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Phil's P.O.V


"I'm sorry Dani." I say. Her face shows pure shock. "W-what. I mean well, Erm, I can't forgive you..... yet," she whispers. "Ow..... Danielle." a boys voice says. "Shit!" Dani moves down in her seat. "It's all right llama. We're gonna be safe soon." she says. His eyes open fully. His eyes are a chocolate brown, unlike Dani's blue/green eyes. "Hmm... Who are you?" He asks. "Erm, I'm Phil Lester," I say and smile at him. "Oh! I'm Dan Howell," he says, returning the smile.


Dani's P.O.V


As Dan and Phil talk, the officer climbs in. Everyone gets quiet. "Danielle, Phil and Dan, you guys will be going to Miss Wonders Orphanage. Carrie and Gemma will be going to their real parents." He explains. Orphans again!? Me and Dan groan and Phil just looks shocked. "B-but-" the officer cuts Phil off. "Actually Phil, you will be going to live with Jamie Faerie in London's Royal Orphanage," he says. Hey, Jamie is his best friend!


Carrie's P.O.V


    Right now, me and Gemma are on our way to our real parents. Gemma is really happy, and I'm really nervous.... What if they hate us? "Well, you girls are here!" the officer says. Here goes nothing...

Hey guys! It's Trinity here, with another chapter. So, Dan, Phil, Dani, and Jamie are orphans.... What next!?

        Live Free,


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