A thousand thoughts, a million feelings, less than a centimeter space between us…

And my phone decided it was the perfect moment to go off.

I jumped, startled at hearing a sound other than my heavy breathing. Reece stepped back, creating an unwelcomed space between us. Tearing my eyes away from his penetrating gaze, I picked up my phone where it lay, abandoned, on the table.

I let out a shaky laugh, trying my best to compose myself. “So, when it rings I answer, right?” 

Reece made his way to his room. He smiled at me when he opened the door. “Incredible, isn’t it?”

For a moment, I was just completely stunned by his smile. I failed to reply immediately. His smile was just… 

“Absolutely mind blowing.” I whispered, watching him go inside and shut the door behind him. Realizing my phone was still ringing, I quickly flipped it open and brought it to my ear.

Breathe, Chloe. Breathe.


“Chloe!” Allie squealed excitedly, “Oh my God, I have so much to tell you!”


All I had ever wanted in my life was not to be woken up on a Saturday morning.

"Yo, loser. Get up."

But apparently, that was way too much to ask for.

"Mho mphay." I mumbled into my pillow, still half asleep. I sunk in deeper into the bed and flung the bed sheets over my head, hoping Reece would be considerate enough to acknowledge my laziness and leave me at peace.

A second later, the covers were drew away, and my entire body was covered in goose bumps.

I jumped up instantly, now becoming fully awake and alert, grabbed a jumper and threw it on, still shivering. “You’re such a jerk, Reece!” I hissed, narrowing my eyes at him.

Reece acknowledge something? What was I thinking?

He didn’t say anything back. In fact, now that I rubbed my eyes and took a proper look at him; he looked slightly pissed off.

Great. I wonder what I did this time.

I gave him a questioning look, expecting him to enlighten me as to why he seemed as if he was ready to kick me out of his house. Instead, he just turned around and walked out of my room with no explanation.

Sighing, I ran my fingers through my messy morning hair and followed him down the stairs, not even bothering to take a look in the mirror. Walking past the kitchen, Reece made his way to his backyard with me hot on his heels.

The moment I stepped outside into the chilly morning air, I was instantly greeted by Oscar, who made no attempt to hide his excitement and jump on me. "Hey Oscar!" I cooed, scratching the back of his ear, "Did you miss me, boy?"

I smiled as Oscar wagged his tail and ran circles around me. A moment later he barked and sprinted off to where Reece had his back turned to me, concentrating at something below him.

Reece’s hands formed into fists as he let out a deep breath. “Chloe,” He gritted through his teeth, “Mind explaining what the fuck happened here?”

He took a step to the side, revealing his dog, Bella.

And that’s when I finally noticed it.

My eyes widened as both my hands covered my open mouth. “No way!”

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