Part 38 A Look Into The Future

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"THIS IS CHANNEL FIVE NEWS REPORTING LIVE FROM CENTURY CITY, the body of a young woman in her early twenties was found on the Mexican Border this morning and police are reporting she worked here at OC Records, the prominent indie label gone big time. The businesses are shocked and surprised," said the Anchor Woman, who then carefully placed the microphone under one of the business owner's face for the interview:

"What do you know about the woman who worked here?"

"She was the assistant for a guy named Freddy, I believe. I guess he's quite the big shot here in town."

The Anchor Woman pulled the microphone back to her face as the camera zoomed in. "Authorities are looking for a six-foot-two, blonde hair executive from OC Records who police say is a man of interest. If you should see him, the police would like to hear from you. This is Alice Philips, KTDA, live from Sherman Oaks."

Trina turned around and clicked off the TV behind her. "I hate the fucking news." Tossing the remote behind her on top of a half-constructed bar, she calmly walked through a half-constructed dance floor of a half-constructed bar.

Men working feverishly take notice of her presence.

"Hey boys, how's it coming? You think we'll be in business soon?"

The sweaty worker turned and wiped his brow. "Yes, ma'am. Should be up and running in the next couple of weeks."

Grabbing a cigarette, she nodded. "Very good, then. Carry on."

The men continued their work and Trina continued past them to another opening and made a sharp right down another hall. She stopped and took a matchstick from behind her ear and lit it off the bottom of her boot. The flame smoldered as she put it to her cigarette. Pulling a heavy set of keys from her pocket, she looked down the empty hallway and proceeded into a room still heavily under construction.

The space of the room was massive and cold. Trina lit candles and incense to brighten the otherwise deadened space. Satisfied with the mood, she walked to the center where Freddy's body was lifeless and dirty on top of a table—the sword next to him on the ground.

Trina hovered directly over him and smacked his face. "You see me, Fred?"

Freddy's eyes opened. His blood red pupils stared straight ahead.

"That a boy."

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