Part 37 The Finale Part 2 - Conclusion

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TRINA QUICKLY WALKS TOWARDS THE EDGE AND PEERS over with a keen eye. "Prepare for battle my boy," she calls to Freddy, spreading her arms out as if calling to the heavens. "You're going to be tested in ways you may not be ready for."

I look over at Freddy who catches my eye. My heart beats loudly.

"You will see and hear manipulation for her heart. Stand your ground. Stand for what you know is right and be ready for anything and everything."

From this vantage I watch him step out below to the center of the club.

A boulder-sized stalagmite of selenite hangs like a sparkled chandelier over the center. Its glinting beauty mesmerizes me for a moment. I had not noticed it before.

Freddy jumps behind the bar, grabs a bottle of whiskey and takes a swig. He jumps back over the bar with the bottle and stands in the center of the club. He pounds another drink and licks his lips as he looks up at me.

Our eyes lock and I know that Freddy is going to die for me. How could I not choose him even though I am turning against Modeus who has given me everything I've always wanted? I guess... I hope Freddy kills him even though Modeus loves me. I see it every time he looks into me... into my soul. The thought of Modeus's possible death literally stuns me as I realize I have naively drawn a line.

Before I can react, Freddy stiffens and prepares for battle with the sword raised up behind him. I can't see what he's looking at, but he's ready to fight. I keep flashing through the past couple of weeks wondering how we got here? I just want to wake up and start over.

Steve, Miguel, and Angelo rush the dance floor ready to fight. They stop short at the sight of Freddy.

Looking rather surprised, Steve takes the lead. "I kicked your spine out your ass. Who the fuck are you?"

A sliver of a smirk spreads across Freddy's lips.

I know that smirk better than anyone. Undead Fred is ready to defend his championship.

From nowhere, a ringing headache suddenly drops me to my knees. Oh my god! What's happening? And that's when I hear it. Steve speaks to Miguel and Angelo telepathically.

Spread out.

I stand up and watch as Miguel and Angelo encircle Freddy.

Freddy tenses, "I thought I was a dick. But you... I owe your ass, so why don't you shut those pretty lips of yours and let me chop your head off."

Steve motions to his brothers to stop. He's mine. Steve smiles and focuses his telekinetic ability on Freddy and attempts to cast him into a wall.

I can feel every bit of the unseen forces like a train coming down the track.

Freddy instinctively raises the sword to block and absorb Steven's power.

The sword whispers... I can hear low vibrations meant only for Freddy. I turn to Trina. That's Modeus's sword. What is happening?

Freddy smirks. "Well, I'll be damned. Mr. Whispers here blocked your powers and told me it wants to eat your worthless sad soul." Freddy laughs. "This is going to be fun." He whips out the handgun from his under his leather jacket and opens fire with a barrage of deadly lead. Angelo takes a bullet in the shoulder that knocks him to the ground. Steve leaps behind the bar as Miguel charges Freddy... Just before Miguel reaches Freddy, Freddy flicks the handgun up and unloads the remaining magazine into his chest. The force of each shot staggers Miguel until he falls flat on his back motionless. Black oily goo oozes from each bullet wounds.

Steve creeps up on Freddy from behind the bar.

I want to scream, but I hold my breath suspended in fear.

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