Part 36 The Finale Part 1

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TRINA SITUATES FREDDY AND ME IN AN OVERHEAD SPACE inside of Cavernous overlooking the main area of the club. Selenite drips over us like frozen milk.

Filled with the regular action of women, luckily there does not seem to be any Demons present.

"Are you sure there aren't any of them here?" Freddy asks.

"They were all summoned to the show. There was no expectation that you'd be dumb enough to show up here with the sword or Brenda for that matter," Trina responds, walking around the corners of the small area.

I turn to her. You're making me nervous.

Trina glances quickly at Freddy then lowers her head to me. It will all be fine. Don't you want to walk away from this all unscathed?

I look over at Freddy pacing behind us and back to Trina. "I'm not sure this is the right thing to do."

Trina puts her finger to her lips. "Shhhh."

Freddy stops pacing. "What are we doing? We just sit here and wait to be slaughtered?"

"Very soon they'll be here and you have the sword. There is no other place for you to go. Fred, all your power is in this cave. Believe it or not, you're much stronger here than up there. They will find Brenda no matter where she goes. This is the only option. Just focus."

"On what do I focus? I'm up here hiding like a rat," Freddy snaps.

"Are you?" Trina asks. She stands up and pulls a crystal off from the side of the cave. She examines it with furrowed brows. "Evanescet, evanescet," she chants loudly before throwing the crystal down to the ground where the women are gathered.

The ground shakes and the cave walls rattle.

The women scream and disappear into the unknown crevices and the club is now empty.

"There you go, Fred. Go prepare," Trina says with a sarcastic grin on her face.

Freddy rushes to me and holds me tight. "All or nothing baby."

Trina lowers her head to me. Don't let him hear anything, but all or nothing back. Got it?

I push Trina's voice out of my head and push my lips to his. I look into his eyes. "All or nothing baby."

Freddy lets me go. "You okay?"

I crack just a small smile. "Ask me again later."

One last kiss and Undead Fred steps back. "Which way to the floor, Trina?"

"Follow the path behind you Fred and start stepping up those senses. You're not in the real world anymore. Remember what you are."

Freddy nods and disappears behind the rocks.

Trina quickly turns back to me. "I'll admit at first I thought you were just another piece of useless eye candy the boys brought by. You've seen them. They're mindless babbling dribble. No real reason for them other than to breed more stupid people. No, my dear Brenda, you remind me of an old friend."

"Modeus told me about what his father did to him—why he's down here."

Trina cocks her head to the side. His version of the story is much more romantic, I'm sure.

How so?

Trina walks over to the edge and looks down at Freddy standing in the middle of the club. She then slowly walks back towards me. Modeus has an agenda and you're part of it.

The statement stuns me silent.

Hard to understand I know.

Modeus didn't mention you. How do you fit into all of this?

Ah, my dear Brenda, the burning question. He barely remembers I'm here half the time. I'm more of a wallflower in his grand scheme of things. You'll learn to trust me in time. I'm on your side. I don't want to see you change.

What do you mean change? I guess it is all coming down to this huge lie Modeus has hidden from me.

In order to carry out his plan, he needs to change you to what he is.

Finally coming to the realization that the sword is indeed something much more than just a weapon of choice, I succumb to my fear. And that involves the sword, doesn't it?

It does.

I still my thoughts and shield them from hers.

And by the way, how did it feel to use the sword?

Stifled, I try to calm my heartbeat. Most unexpected.

Yes, I know you like to cut things. Perhaps it's to take your daddy issues away, huh?

What do you know about that?

Dear, I know most things by just touching them.

"Stop it," I say loudly. Tired of all the games and confusion running through my mind, I turn to face Freddy. "Enough."

"Oh, dear, things have only just begun," Trina says quietly.

"What will happen to Freddy if he loses?"

Trina grabs my shoulders. "I don't want to see that happen. If and when it does, more damage than good will come from it and I have to stop that."

Still unsure as to Trina's motives, I look her dead in eye. Why?

Trina straightens her shoulder as if to lecture me like Stacy does. There's a right way and a wrong way for everything. This is the wrong way. remind me of a human I knew a long time ago. You have heart and her traits—beautiful eyes, hair, face and of course, you can speak like this with me. Care to share?

I close my mind off like I do with Modeus.

Not in the mood, huh? That's all right. I understand. You and I have time for all that. Let me share with you the real Modeus—the real monster before you. See your beloved little demon used to run a nice game here. He used to use these women for his own gain, then toss them aside like trash. I'm not surprised he chose you, but I am surprised he's in love with you. He loves nothing but the deal...the chase and the gain. Then like a sinking ship, he tosses them aside when they've paid their debt. You're just a debt to these guys. A form of payment.

What will happen if I become what he is?

Trina's eyes widen with fear and she steps back from me. A war.

A terrifying feeling washes over my body paralyzing every muscle I have. I know in my heart she is right. "But..."

"He's here," Trina whispers loudly. "He's here."

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