Part 35 The Set Up

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"Why are we stopping here?" I yell through my face shield.

"We're not," Freddy says, sharply veering to the right continuing down another canyon the opposite direction from the club.

We continue to follow a winding canyon road almost completely around to the other side of the mountain.

A short stocky Woman with black hair is standing outside of a small cavern—it's the same woman who asked me who I was with the first night Modeus brought me to Cavernous.

My confidence is now shaken to the core. I remember her horrible voice and harsh attitude and my fear rises thinking this is a terrible mistake to come here.

We pull all the way up to a small cave and the Woman waves us through.

Freddy stops the bike and the Woman approaches.

"Good. Very good," the Woman says, patting Freddy on the back. She smiles and walks towards me slowly. "You must be the famous Brenda."

I nod my head. "I remember you."

The Woman examines me up and down. "Yes... I'm sorry for our rude first encounter. I'm Trina." She nods her head politely. "I know you're afraid, but stay strong dear...stay strong."

Trina gives the bike a once over. "So, Fred, this is a nice machine. I take it you know what you're doing?"

Freddy tips his head down, raises the face shield and gives her the same raised eyebrow he gave me. "This is what I do."

Trina laughs and lights up a cigarette. "That a boy, Fred, but don't get too cocky, cause it aint gonna be that easy. Modeus is pissed and when he's like this it's like dealing with an irate five-year-old. He knows you got Brenda so he's even more pissed."

I look to Freddy and shove more emotion down than ever before. I'm scared. I'm really scared.

Trina takes another drag off her cigarette and blows the smoke into the sunlight. "Don't be afraid Brenda. You're the one holding all the cards my dear. Have faith. But make no mistake about this, Modeus is in love with you and he's not going to let you go without a fight."

Her statement fills my soul with regret that Freddy had to hear that. I close my eyes nod my head.

Trina puts her cigarette out on the bottom of her black boot. She comes up and studies me curiously. Her eyes travel across my face as if she is not sure about something.

Unsure of what she is picking up on, I look away and try to block her. I know she's not human.

Freddy unsheathes the sword.

The sun shines down on the fuller of the sword casting light out every which way.

Trina redirects her attention, as do I.

"Pay the utmost respect, my friend. What you're holding in your hands is something never seen by a human until this day. You're in the midst of a power you can't comprehend. So, don't do anything we haven't discussed. Got it?"

Freddy nods his head and looks at me with concern in his eyes.

Trina turns to me sharply. "What did you do?"

"Nothing," I say, recalling the way I killed the Demon with the sword and thinking nothing of it until this moment.

"Leave her be Trina," Freddy interjects.

Trina's eyes widen in the sun that would blind a cactus. "What have you done?" She rushes to me and puts her hands on my wrists. Her grip is tight and frightening.

Before Freddy can get to me, Trina lets me go.

"You used the sword," she says. "And you have other secrets..."

Freddy pushes Trina back. "What do you mean?" he asks. "What's wrong?"

"She is telepathic Fred, that's why he has chosen her. She has many powers and Modeus knows it. I knew she was the missing link, but ..." Trina pauses and stares into the distance. Something is terribly wrong. "This all just went to another level. Jesus fucking Christ," she screams, pacing frantically back and forth. "Both of you follow me, now. There isn't much time."

My head drops down unexpectedly. Voices upon voices invade my mind and I suddenly feel sick to my stomach.

Trina grabs my hand gaining my attention. She lowers her head to me. Fred will come to know this gift as well. Be careful of your thoughts. Now grab his hand and follow me.

Confused, but knowing there is not much time, I grab Freddy's hand.

We follow Trina deep into the cave where the walls become smaller and smaller until we hit a hidden pathway surrounded by boulders and selenite.

"Where are we?" Freddy asks.

"Contrary to what the others have told you there are many ways into Cavernous and this here is just one of them."

Following steady through the confusing rocks and lit up pathways, I stop again feeling pretty sick to my stomach. I think all the action and the hot sun on the way here finally did me in.

"You'll be okay baby, just hold on to me," Freddy says.

Trina stops and turns to us. "She'll be alright Fred, just a few hundred more feet and we're there."

"I really need to stop," I say. "Just a few seconds, please."

Freddy finds a flat rock and sits me down. "Trina, hang on."

Trina turns around with a concerned expression. "We really can't do this now."

"I just need to sit for a second," I plead. "Please."

Trina nods her head. "Fine, but only for a few moments." She turns to Fred. "Do me a favor Fred...go scope out a few feet ahead. I've been this way, but I'm unsure about the rocks that may be in the way of Brenda. Be a gentleman and clear them away?"

Freddy pulls out the 45 caliber he has tucked under his shirt. "Okay."

"That a boy Fred," Trina says.

Freddy walks off.

Trina walks to my side. "Do you understand what's happening here?"

Confused as hell, I glance to make sure Freddy is gone. "Yes, Modeus wants to kill me with his sword. And now he's probably going to kill Freddy too and I'm scared Trina.

"Trina puts her hand on my back. What has Modeus told you exactly dear?"

"He told me that his father banished him and he needs to get back."

"Did he tell you how he was going to do that?"

"No. He only told me I would help him do that. Freddy told him he was going to use the sword to do it."

Nodding with what seems to be relief, Trina straightens her shoulders. "Good. Good. Very good. Now listen here, Freddy is going to fight for you soon and I need you to be strong. Keep your thoughts in order. You'll be alright. Understand?"

"I nod and clutch the crystal in my pocket."

"It's all clear," Freddy says, appearing from behind. "Everything okay?"

Nodding to me, Trina grabs a cigarette. "Everything is perfect. Now, let's get this done."

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