Chapter Five: Im Sorry

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Jamie's P.O.V


What the hell happened!? Well, I'll find out soon.


Phil's P.O.V


As Dani talks on the phone, a ton of questions swarm my mind. Who is that boy? Why is she beaten? Who is she on the phone with? What's that scar from? WHO THE HELL IS THAT BOY!?


Dani's P.O.V


   As Carrie rants on how much she loves me, I notice Phi still staring at me. "Hey, Carr, I've gotta go. Yeah, Bye," I hang up the phone. "Are you gonna stop staring at me?" I ask. He snaps out of thought. "Who is that?" He asks, and points at Dan. "My twin brother...." I say with confusion. Why does he wanna know who my brother is? To.bully him? "Oh," he whispers. "Um, Dani, I'm really, Erm, u-uh-" he starts bawling. "Hey, Oh calm down dude." I say and reach up and pat his shoulder. His head lifts up and he says the words I never thought he would say. "I'm sorry Dani."

And the bomb has been dropped.
       Live How You Want,


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