Part 33 The Honda Center Part 3

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IN A PANICKED LACED FURY, I slip out the side of the stage and follow a set of stairs out to the concourse. I quickly spot the Harley Davidson booth and run towards it.

Freddy is at the display standing tall and poised with his back towards me, sword still holstered behind him.

"Freddy," I yell.

Freddy turns to me. "Hurry up!"

I hurry my pace, but a loud high-pitched scream slams my ears with intense pressure causing me to fall to my knees. Covering my ears, I look around and see one of Modeus' roadies/Demons standing 50 feet from Freddy with his mouth open, pupils blood red and pointing at the sword. "Freddy," I scream, gesturing in the direction of the demon. "Over there."

Freddy pulls the sword from its sheath and takes his stance, but the Demon is too quick.

With lightning speed, the Demon kicks Freddy in the chest slamming him against the wall behind the booth.

The sword clinks to the ground between them.

Seemingly emboldened by its victory, the Demon hovers over Freddy on the ground with a wicked smirk. "You're not so tough," the Demon says, grabbing Freddy by the throat and hoisting him in the air.

Clawing at the Demon's hands tightly wrapped around his throat, Freddy's face turns blue.

Like a frightened child, I clutch the crystal Freddy left behind and close my eyes. A ball of energy builds inside my stomach and slowly cascades up my spine to the back of my head. I focus every ounce of my emotion and scream a powerful force that spews towards the Demon with a forceful telepathic blast.

The Demon staggers backward and drops Freddy to the ground.

Taking advantage of the moment, I quickly run to the sword still positioned where it fell and take it into my hands. A seductive feeling of power washes over me. I want to kill. I need to kill. Perfectly balanced and without hesitation, I drive the sword through the Demon's chest and out his back.

The blade of the sword crackles with electricity. An opaque pool of black energy swirls around the sword and tentacles into the Demon's body like tree roots. Rays of light spiral back into the Roadie's eyes and extinguish into black pools as whatever is left of its soul diminishes to an empty boneless sack of skin that slumps to the floor.

I rip the sword free from the husk of dead flesh and relish my kill. What is happening to me? I look at the sword in awe. The black blood of the Demon is sucked into the sword like a sponge before taking its pristine form once again.

"I'll take that," Freddy says, snapping me out of my moment and sheathing the sword. He then grabs my hand and we run to the Harley Davidson booth.

"What just happened?" I ask.

"You just killed a Demon with Modeus' sword and we have to get out of here very quickly."

We approach the Harley Davidson booth. A Roadster and a 1200 Custom are displayed in tandem on a small stage.

Protectively, the Vendor throws his hands in the air. "Hey back off!"

Freddy flashes the sword and the Vendor reluctantly backs away. "Get on!" Freddy says, mounting the Roadster and handing me a helmet.

"No!" I shout, pushing the helmet away. "This is crazy."

Freddy drops his head and raises that blonde sexy eyebrow of his. "If you have a speck of love for me, which I think you do, then trust me." He takes me in his arms and slams his lips to mine with a kiss so deep, I am speechless. He slides his helmet over his head and kick starts the bike to life. "Besides we don't have time," he says, pointing behind me.

I quickly glance behind us.

Another Demon sprints towards us with lightning speed.

I turn to Freddy with fear. "What do we do? "

"Get on now," he screams. "Now!"

I strap my helmet on, swing my leg over and mount the back of the Roadster. The bike revs between my legs making me more nervous than I already am. I throw my arms around Freddy's stomach and hold on for dear life. "Oh, my fucking God!"

Freddy guns it and squeals the back tires.

Clusters of people dive out of the way as we zip down the concourse.

The Demon is now behind us on the other Harley and catches up rather quickly. Deep red pupils pierce through the front of the black helmet that is now riding side by side with us.

Without so much as 'boo' for a warning, Freddy rams his bike into the Demon's bike with a hard clanking smash.

The Demon sways in and out but regains his position.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I scream.

With lightning speed, Freddy reaches his long leg out to the side and kicks the Demon with a hard blow sending its motorcycle spinning into a concession stand.

We skid to a stop and turn around.

Freddy lifts his face shield to assess the damage. "You okay?"

Nodding my head, there are no words. I am too frightened to speak.

The Demon climbs out of the destroyed concession stand and stares us down with a challenging grin and blood red pupils.

"Hold on darlin," Freddy says, slamming his face shield back down and revving the throttle.

With heavy denial, I nod my head. "What? Why? Let's just get out of here."

There is no response, just the sound of the engine revving between my legs.

I have never seen this side of Freddy, but I admit it excites me.

"Hang on as tight as you can," Freddy says, revving the throttle and popping the bike into gear. We race towards the Demon like a medieval joust.

I squeeze him as hard as I can and close my eyes as we pick up more and more speed. The closer we get to the Demon, the more terrified I become. Burying my head in Freddy's back, I pray we do not die. With a jarring bump of the front tire, we go airborne. I open my eyes to see us flying over the top of the Demon as everything moves in slow motion.

The back tire hits the Demon in the head splitting his face in half. Layers of skin peel down his face and fall to the ground as does his bike.

We land hard on the marble floor and power towards the escalators leading down and out of the Honda Center.

"Freddy no!" I scream.

Freddy ignores me, and we grind down the escalator stairs onto the main floor.

Like a rocket shooting out of hell, we crash through the glass doors. Chards of glass rain around and on top of me. 

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