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Before I forget, School here starts in January and ends in December. (: (:

I'm sorry I do short chapters, they're just easier for me (:

pic of Tayla ----------->



I rang the doorbell that was on the frame of their wooden door and looked back to my dad. He smiled at me, a smile that showed me how proud he was of me. How happy he was that I had new friends. The door opened and I looked back to see an attractive teen boy, with blue eyes and dark brown hair. He raised his eyebrows at me, "Can I help you?"

I opened my mouth, then closed it again, unsure what to say.

He smirked at me, probably think that he was the shit.

I finally opened my mouth and said something. "Um, I'm looking for Lauren?"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Do I look like Lauren?" he asked me.

I looked him over, trying to see if there was a slight resemblance. He noticed me looking at him, thinking, so he just laughed.

"No, I meant do I look like a girl to you?"

Embarrassed I said no and looked down. I'm pretty sure my cheeks were a bright pink. He lifted my chin with his finger, not bothering that my dad was in the car right behind me and whispered in my ear,

"She's inside."

My breathe hitched in my throat, wondering what my dad was thinking about this. I turned around and waved goodbye to my dad, then looked up at the attractive boy infront of me.

"What's your name?" he asked as I heard my dad reverse.

"Can I go to Lauren now?" I asked while avoiding his gaze.

He stepped inside, letting me in. I closed the door behind me and followed after him. "Which room is hers?"

Without even looking behind him he said, "Upstairs, first door on the left"

I walked towards the stairs while looking around. Wow, it was beautiful. Each area was colour coded and elegant. The walls along the stairs were filled with pictures of Lauren, this boy and an older lady, which I assumed to be their mom. I was glad there were photo's, they reassured me that this was indeed Lauren's house, and that this unnamed boy wasn't just a rapist or cannibal collecting his next victim. I opened the door I was directed to, expecting to see Lauren, but no. It was a boys room. I stood in the room confused, maybe he meant the first door on the right? Or maybe I heard wrong? I turned around, about to walk out, and bumped into Lauren.

"What are you doing in my brothers room?" she asked with an amused look on her face.

"uhhh, ummm. Looking for you?" I asked instead of stating.

She giggled and pulled me by my hand to her room, which was actually the second room on the left.

I was engulfed with the smell of nail polish as soon as I walked into her room.

"Tayla isn't here yet, so I thought I'd do my toenails while I waited" After saying that I looked down at her feet and noticed that she had one foot with black nail polish and one with nothing. I just smiled at her and nodded.

"So what are we going to do tonight?" I asked, starting to get excited.

"I was thinking that we could watch a couple of scary movies? I looove scary movies."

"I don't", I replied.

"What!? They are the bomb!! Anyway, I was thinking we could also get to know eachother, by asking questions and stuff. We could even do dress up, or make up or whatever. Tayla's usually the one that thinks up things to do", she said with a smile.

"No, that's fine. As long as we get to watch non scary movies as well. I could just hide, or sleep or something while you two watch the scary movies."

Lauren just giggled.

The door opened, and I was secretly hoping that it wasn't Lauren's brother. Thank goodness it wasn't him, it was Tayla.

"Hey, hey", she said while dropping her bag on Laurens bed.

"Hi" Lauren and I replied in unison.

By now Lauren was done with her toenails and was just blowing on them. "Tayla, Kenzie and I were wondering what you had planned for tonight?" asked Lauren.

"Oh definitely scary movies!" she shouted with excitement. I just frowned.

"I was thinking that we could also pull a couple of pranks on Cole."

"Whose Cole?" I asked confused.

"The hotty in the house" giggled Tayla.

I furrowed my eyebrows while Lauren just pulled a disgusted face. "Who now?" I asked.

"Lauren's brother."

My face dropped. Tayla wants us to pull pranks on him!? The one that made my face go read? The one that sent me to his room? Now that I'm thinking about that, why did he send me to his room? My thoughts were interrupted when Lauren spoke again.

"What exactly would you like to do to him?"

"Date him, kiss him, make love to him", Tayla joked.

"Noooo!!! I mean pranks. Ew, ew, ew!" Lauren said disgusted.

Tayla and I just laughed at how repulsed Lauren was by that.

"Ok no, but seriously, what pranks were u thinking?" Lauren asked.

"Well, I was thinking that we could do the little things like toothpaste on his face, the shaving cream on the hand and tickling of the face thing. Maybe even tying a rope around his toe, tying it to the door, then closing the door." Tayla answered.

Lauren grinned widely at the idea. She was definitely liking it.

"He deserves worse though", Lauren said.

"Well then maybe we could do worse?" I offered. "Like give him a cup that has holes in the bottom, and pour some juice into it for him. Or hide under his bed and make 'meowing' sounds, and when he looks under the bead, scream. Or how about hiding alarms in his room and setting them 5 minutes apart, but making sure he's asleep when they go off. We could even make a caramel onion, instead of a caramel apple and give that to him", I was flooding with ideas.

Lauren and Tayla just sat there with surprised expressions on their faces, like they didn't know I had it in me. Ok well, I guess they couldn't have known...

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