Part three

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  Walking to the office felt like a trial.

 I had to endure the whispers, the threats, and even the fingers. Walking next to Mr. Perfect didn't seem to help my case. The more that I think about it, the blurrier it gets. Never in my life had I wanted to crawl into a dumpster so much.

 Our Principal explained how we would experience what it would be like to be a trainer. I wasn't paying much attention. I could really care less.

 After he finished, he handed us both a pokédex and sent us to our respected classroom. But while all of us were sitting, I couldn't help but notice how disgusted Brendan was to be around me. Figures.


Walking into that classroom was like walking in a room infested with Joltik. Knowing that your energy will be sucked out of you. But then the strangest thing happened. A girl with neat blue/black hair congratulated me. I tried to look for a forced smile on her but I found none. She was sincere. Before I could react she was called over to her friends who asked her why she bothered with me.

 I wish everyone else was kind like her. 


Later at home, I got an email from the school, giving the time of when I should go to the lab, where it is, and my choices.

 But to be honest, I didn't really want a pokémon. It'll never be able to understand me and'll most likely hate me.

 As I read over the email I noticed the address of the lab. It was Professor Birch's. Diamond boy's daddy's lab. Well gosh-gee-whilikers, it'll be a fun Friday for me tomorrow! 

At the dinner table, I announced the news. Mom freaked out since it gave her little to no time to buy me an outfit, and Dad was ecstatic he told me that it would be a great opportunity for me to keep a pokémon long enough to create a bond. 

After dinner Mom went to the clothing store to buy "sportsy" clothes. Which meant girly with sneakers. Dad told me to go straight to bed, even though we were supposed to leave at 3 in the afternoon.

Walking up the stairs to my seemed to be the best part of my day, when I could end it only to begin again in a few hours. 

 As I laid down I couldn't help but worry if my pokémon would hate me or not.  Looking at the brochure with the starter pokemon and what their abilities were, I had decided to go with Torchic, since it was cute. I wanted to befriend it... but I can't force it to like me..I guess I'll find out tomorrow.


Hello my lovelies! Sharks are so awesome! Anyhow, this chapter was supposed to be longer, but I decided to split it up. :P  Oh! I have to say for the next chapter, there will be a few decision -       making twists for our heroine. 

One more thing, on the first of August, I will be away until the seventeenth (Europe!!) so I will not update unless I get to take my laptop. 

I hope you all learn to love sharks as much as I!! Smooches! 

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