24: Battleship

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"There is a kind of magicness about going far away and then coming back all changed."

― Kate Douglas Wiggin, New Chronicles of Rebecca

24: Battleship

Coming back to Victore Academy without Damien by my side made me feel naked. As I stood at the admin office, waiting to pick up my changed schedule for our last term, I thought back to the first time the two of us stood here when we had joined.

Perhaps it was all the change that happened over the break or some weird graduation goggles - but suddenly, our end here finally felt real. I would never get to experience the small little things that made up my school after a while.

From today would begin the lasts of many things. The last classes, the last breakfasts in the halls, the last time waking up for the stables or for Damien's football, the last polo practices. We weren't far from our final exams, and soon enough, everything I had held onto so desperately on this campus, all the stress and resentment, my good times and my experiences... it would all just become part of my memories and the stories I would one day tell.

I fumbled with my keys in front of my bedroom door, lingering hesitantly in fear of facing Ales inside. With the subject of Ales would always come the nerves in my stomach, the odd confusion at how the girl whose presence once gave me so much comfort had now become a strange, question in my life.

Our last conversation too had ended with a question, almost three weeks ago. Since that night, I had perhaps replayed the words she'd said a thousand times, dissecting them unhealthily yet nothing came of it. I didn't know where she and I stood now, or what was waiting for me behind the door - whether at seeing me, she'd beg for forgiveness for her mistakes or simply turn cold, wiping the truths of that night out of existence.

But when I walked in, the room looked the same as I'd left it. There was no Ales, her bed was left unmade and her things were thrown around over her side of the room. My things were untouched, as I left them. It almost seemed ordinary.

I froze by the door, staring across the room longingly. Perhaps not now, not with everything it had turned into... but once upon a time, I remembered some of the best moments of my life happening here, beside her. I wanted to hold onto those memories, leave them untainted by the demise of our relationship.

With far too much time to spare before I had to be at our assembly, I chewed my lip and glanced around the room for any form of distraction from my thoughts. By the floor of my desk was tucked in a black case that I had left behind.

I sighed, before pulling out pages of sheet music and cautiously taking my violin out to play until I could bring my mind to ease.

* * *


A loud boy called from the edge of the auditorium seats, standing up and waving his hands to grab my attention. I laughed at how ridiculous he looked but felt instant relief at the sight of him. Caius always did feel like home.

As all the seniors gathered together, finding their seats, I walked to where Caius was sitting, with the rest of his football team. Eyeing the single empty seat amongst all the boys that Caius had saved, I bit back an amused smirk.

"Caius, it really is a weird sight to see you without husband dearest by your side."

He scoffed. "I was just about to say the same thing to you. A Hilfiger twin all alone- wait, why did you make him the husband and me the wife in this?!" Caius scowled in annoyance, pausing at that. "Go sit with Oscar and his club friends. I don't want you around me."

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