Chapter 8

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Nightmare Chica's POV

I was off in my own little spot resting, thinking about Avery. Avery, the girl who we tried to kill when she was young after she started healing from her accident. When she survived our attempts we became friends with her. Mari, Fred, Nightmare later began teaching her their craft in magic and shape-shift. She learned quick when it came down to it. She can easily pass off as one of them or us in shape, tone, actions, everything. As Avery grew, so did a certain feeling for her did as well. Avery then is so different from the Avery now. Once she was a scared child, waiting out the night trying to survive, to the grown young woman we seen her turn into.

I became a close friend to her and now I want to be more then that with her. I had fallen for Avery since we started to grow close. A part of me feels like this started when we first met but I strongly feel it was after that when she started learning more about us and the Fazbears and started to have a sort of mystery to her, like she knew something more, even though I knew what she has been learning from Mari, Fred, and Nightmare. My thoughts drifted to a imaginary future for me and Avery. Me and her together as a happy couple, kissing under a tall tree at a park, her on one knee purposing to me on a beach with a beautiful sunset in the background, me offically human on our wedding day with our friends and family. Both of us on our little contry honeymoon, growning old in our suburben home with our two kids visting with their husbands or wifes and grand kids. I sat there in my fanasties with a love-struck look on my face only for me to jump in suprise of two people yelling.

I look over to see Mangs and Jackson fighting again about who is the more stonger and dangerous one out of the two of them. They started attacking each other and it took the combined efforts of me, Fred, Fredsteir, Nightmare, and Ben to pull them apart. We all hid when we heard the basement doors open, we watched from the shadows waiting to scare the poor fool out only to see the love of my life Avery come in. I watched as Avery made her way to the center of the room and stop just as Mari came up behind her, then she turned and smiled at him. "Hey Mari. How are ya?" she asked as he chuckled. "Didn't even scare you. You noticed me before I could try did you? We training you to well to lack a sence of fright in you as we surprise you." "That's right Mari but it helps me well at work. Including the shape-shifting." She said as we came out of hiding. She smiled at us and her eyes flashed red as our did. "Hey guys. I decided to visit while I have the time before I must go home and rest for tonight at my job." "So you got the job at Freddy Fazbear's pizza did you? Good job Avery." Nightmare said. "Thanks Nightmare." "We heard you say your lack of fear and shape-shifting helped you at work. Did you play with their minds Avery?" Fredsteir asked. She chuckled a sure sign she did. He shook his head "Of course you did, you evil little one." He said and we all laughed. "Come on Fredsteir. He isn't even around yet. Let me have my fun. I'm not harming them. Other then the bear and bunny's prides." She said "That's our little Avery. I remember like it was yesterday that she a newly healing child scared beyond belief of us as we tried to kill her but look at us now. We are all here as friends, years later with her among those who are magic users." Ben said.

"Aye that be true mate. I still remember the time I came at her and she" Jackson playfully glares at her "she pulls off her arm and hits me over me head with it repeatedly." he said as a few of us who was there chuckle at the memory. Thay was very funny to say the least, she had a good swing back then and she still does. "I said I was sorry about that after I survived the week." "I know lass. I know" the both hug each other. "I remember the time we first made a cake together but it ended up looking like a big old frosting ball by the time we were done. And correct me if I'm wrong didn't you feed Plush and the Fredlings said cake that gave them a suger rush Avery?" I asked her. She looked down guilty as I chuckled. "I knew it. They were too short to get it on their own so they must have had someone get it for them." I said as we gethered around and talked a bit. I admit I was a bit jealous when Avery talked about Chica. I saw the little look in her eyes when she mentoned her or talked about her. I grew more jealous at this but I remained calm on the outside thinking that it must be nothing. I'll have Avery falling for me soon enough, if she isn't already in love with me already that is.

Soon she went upstairs with her mentors and I followed suit with a towel and water bottle for her, I watched and cheer from the sidelines as Avery fights Nightmare while in the form of Fred. She was getting use to fighting in different forms. I knew she was haveing trouble but she said it was worth it because then her muscles can have chances to remember so then they can act on instict instead of her having to think about it. She was growing stronger by the day, I remember once while in her normal form, she picked up Fredstreir and threw him into a big pile of crates about a good 30 ft from her, she knocked out Jackson after some hard punches, and she kicked Fred into a wall causing his head to get stuck in it and Nightmare....well she said sorry and repaired him but he still has a few small dents in him. With her natural strength from the extreme excersice and the use of a bit of magic she became much more stronger then she looked. I admit I just wish she would wrap her strong arms around me and pull me in close in a protective yet loving way.

I blushed slightly at the thought and noticed that the fight ended. I turned into my human form and walked over to her with the towel and water bottle. As I got close I noticed she was sweating and that she looked really attractive with the way the light hit her and bouncing off the sweat. She thanked me for the towel and water then started to wipe the sweat off as she heads to where Jackson and Mangs was to repair them. I blushed brightly as I followed closely behind her. As she repaired them we saw Fredsteir and Ben chase Plush, Joe, Grant, and Lu around who were on a suger high, we looked at her knowingly but she gave us a innocent like smile and we shook our heads. As soon as she was finished she went to magic training. I sat by my little spot as I watch Avery head back upstairs with another love-struck look on my face. I didn't notice Mangs trying to talk to me for I was in another fanatsy of mine with Avery, it wasn't until she screeched in my ear causing me to yell out in surprise and fall down that I noticed her. "Hey dreamer. You gone to space again on us again." she said as she turned into her human form. She had her white and pink hair over one eye and lost that second head of her's. She wore fish-net stockings, white shorts, a ripped sleeve-less pink and white shirt and black high heel boots.

"What do you want Mangs?" "I just wanted to talk about." she looks at me sadly, "about your crush on Avery." "What about it Mangs?" I said starting to get a bit guarded "That I know you are in love with her. We all know that ChiChi. But it won't work out. She's human with artifical magic. You are not human like her. She has a life span, you don't. We are worried about you Chichi. You are chasing a doomed love. In the end either of you well be hurt. We well I think its better that you give up on Avery and maybe try to fall in love with one of the others. Maybe Ben or Jackson?" I glare at her. "You can't force someone or yourself out love on command Mangs. Nor can you force to love someone else. I don't care if my love for Avery is doomed. I LOVE her and wish to be WITH her. I appreceate you and the others caring about me but I can handle myself. Should me and Avery do get together then we shall find a way to STAY together." I said as she looks at me worried. "You really do love her don't you? But what well you do if she falls for someone else and they are in love?" "Then I well make sure that I get Avery to fall for me first or get RID of the compation is all. Now if you excuse me I have to help catch the suger highs." I said as I walk away and started to chase Plush.

After a while we finally caught the suger highs and had them calm down. Avery came back from her magic training and said bye to us before leaving to head home. I knew she had to rest and eat before heading to work at the pizzeria. 'Maybe I could head over there one of these nights and surprise her. I could help her mess with their minds, flirt with her a little bit and generally have her fall for me.' I thought to myself as I went to my fanatsy land of love.

(A/N: Hey bird fans. Just wanted to say that there is a reason for this chapter and I bet ya'll can guess what that reason is. So yeah I just wanted to say there is a reason for this chapter outside of both Chica's and Avery's POVs. See ya'll later fans.)

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