Chapter 42

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Bailey's P.O.V
Taylor can't expect to slap me without getting some payback. I stomped over to the boys room and slammed open the door. Matt stood up and walked over to me.
"What happened to you?!" He asked trying not to laugh. "Taylor happened and I need you to help me get him back." I said turning on my heels. I could hear him chuckle from behind me. When I walked back into the room Taylor was still just staring at Alex. I tapped his shoulder and he turned around and looked from me to Matt. Kerissa and Izzy's eyes went big realizing why Matt was here. I smirked and Taylor backed up a little. At first I was confused but realized what he was going to do. "No!" I ran for Alex but he got to her first. He grabbed her and picked her up and held her in front of him. What a cheater. "Matt just punch around Alex." I said going back to where he was standing. Alex started to laugh and Brianna had her video camera out. Matt stepped forward and Taylor lifted Alex so she was covering his face. "Taylor, your a wimp." I said. I know Taylor won't stand for that. He threw Alex down onto the bed. She sat up and positioned herself to watch this go down. Matt went up to Taylor and lightly punched his arm then walked back to his room. "Matt! Get back here! That was lame! Thanks for nothing!" I yell down the hall. When I walk back into the room Taylor is standing there smirking at me. Shit.
Alex's P.O.V
Taylor is so hot! What are you thinking Alex, your disgusting! When he picked me up I wish he never let me go. Brianna got the "fight" on video. Last night I actually learned that they had a Youtube account. All the videos are so funny and really good.When Matt left and Bailey came back in Taylor looked like he was going to get her good. He ran up to her and flung her over his shoulder and ran down the hall. All the girls were in PJ's but we ran after them. He went down the stairs and through the lobby with Bailey banging on his back. These girls have become my best friends in 2 days. We chased him all the way to the pool. Izzy threw me her phone. "Alex text Matt and tell him Taylor gonna throw Bails in the pool!" I nodded and typed as fast as I could. We got to the pool out of breath and Taylor was on the deep side of the pool. He picked little Bailey above his head and threw her in. Just as he finished he looked over at us. "Uh uh, hell no!" Mica yells. We all ran different ways as he chased us. Bailey's head bobbed up out of the water and you could tell she was pissed. I ran over and grabbed her hand to pull her up. Just as I got her out Taylor pushed us both in along with Mica and Brianna. "Your such an asshole Taylor!" Brianna yelled slapping the water. I laughed and started to climb out. Me and Kerissa shared a look and snuck over to towels. Taylor was laughing and taking pictures of the girls in the water. "Push him on three?" I nodded and we snuck up behind him. I grabbed his phone out of his hands. He spun around about to yell at me but Kerissa yelled three and shoved him in. All the girls came up next to us and pointed and laughed. All at once we did our 'Bitch flip', which was when we sassily flipped our hair. Matt and the boys came down as we sloshed threw the lobby wet and pissed. "Oh. Bails I'm sorry." Matt started. Bailey stopped him, she put her hand up in front of his face and looked away. We kept walking except for Izzy and Brianna. They got Nash and Cam to carry them. I was walking with Mica and Jack. It was a bit of a third wheel moment. Just then cold wet arms wrapped around my stomach. "Ew Taylor! Get off your wet!" I yell trying to shake him off. He laughed but then said back, "So are you darlin!" I looked down and my pajamas were dripping wet. How these boys haven't been kicked out yet I don't know.

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