Unedited.Song for the chapter is Strong-One Direction.

3 days later


I told everyone about the letter.Everybody looked guilty,but the guilt in me was eating me away.Exactly today is Marc's funeral.As the lads,me and Mir made our way towards the grave,Isaw a black Mercedes pull up next to our car.That mercedes,Mum and Dad.As soon as they stepped out the car i marched towards them and screamed at them "You ruined his and my life! How the fucking hell can you do that? And you had the fucking nerve to come?! You're the main reason he left.All of us!Me!Alone..."With that I had a breakdown.I hugged the nearest person that was Zayn.He started rubbing circles on my back to calm me down.Some time later I was called up the podium to say a few words about my brother.

"As an older sister,I advise every sibiling to take care of each other.Coz they're gone,they are never coming back.I neglected my brother for my social life.Now I Have to pay the price.But I shall not weep cause he has told.me.to stay strong.And I will.Thank you." I said and with that everyone clapped.As i descending the podium my parents ushered me towards them,and did the unexpected.They hugged me.Together and said sorry.I explained "I forgive you.But I will never come back.Sorry mom and dad.I will remember you."
"Darling please? For me?"My dad pleaded.
"Im sorry,but no dad.Goodbye"

I left them and went towards the boys,as the coffin was lowered.I let a few tears slip.Niall hugged me from the side which comforted me alot.I took a glance at the boys and saw Harry with a jealous look? Hm.Must be my imagination.

*****3 weeks later*****

The boys have gone to the concert while Im alone at home with Mir.We were watching friends when we heard a spoon drop and a small shriek.I looked towards Mir,to see the same expression as.mine.Worry.

We quietly made our way to the kitchen only to see 3 figures standing in ninja poses.suddenly someone put a cloth over Mir's mouth and knocked her out.creeped and scared,I quickly made my up to our room only to see someone playing with our underwear and bras and WTF the guys taking the box of tampons out.Ok.creepy much?

But sadly before I could do anything I backed out.by something hitting my head.Again.


I woke up to be tied to chair with Mir next to me.I was kidnapped...Again!? How pathetic is my life? Suddenly 5 guys came.wait they look familiar.Wait till they open me.up.As.if my thought had been heard,they cut my ropes and.took off their masks.Woah.1D.kidnapped me.and My best friend again.And Curly and Stripey did it twice.-.-

"Harry and Louis!Again?!But why did you kidnap us?And where the fuck are we?"

"Sorry love but we wanted to go on a.holiday but you obviously wouldnt have listened to.us.so we kidnapped you.its easier as.you couldnt struggle."Harry spoke

"Assholes,but where are we???"



Bahamas.Bahamas.The same place that haunts me.The place I lost my innocence and virginity. I was raped and assaulted. My brother was almost killed and My parents touring the world.When they came back they did not bother to ask what happened. I hope not to meet the guy, or my ex who assaulted me.

when I look up, I see the boys in tears.I hope I didn't say that out loud.

"Yes,you did.Amy we didn't know.We are so sorry.If only we knew."

"Its ok guys,its not like I am going to meet him right?"

Little did I know I was wrong.


I KNOW SUCKY CHAPIE.Ill try to.make.it up next time.

Bye Bye my shanklepants.

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