Chapter 4: Our first date pt 1

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Danny's P.O.V

I kept looking at the clock every 2 seconds she was now 5 minutes late. I know it sounds petty but it was putting me on edge. Every time the door opened I snapped my head around to see if it was her but it never was. I downed the last of my Guinness and was gonna order another one but I thought I'd wait until Katie arrived, I don't want to be out of my head by the time my date comes. So I, instead sat there playing with my cutlery, I began to throw the fork in the air, as it was spinning in the air I heard my name out loud.

''I'm hear to see a Mr O'Donoghue'' I heard a sweet voice say. OUCH! The fork fell down, bounced off my head and crashed to the floor. The sound echoed through the restaurant and everyone started to stare, I just smiled and reached down under my table to retrieve the fork. ''Hi Danny'' a cheery voice called. I immediately raised my head but hit it on the table ''Ahh shit'' I hollered, rubbing my head with my hand.  When I finally emerged from underneath the table I stood up to greet the already standing and slightly confused Katie. ''How's it going sweetheart, did you get here alright?'' I asked whilst leaning in to give her a half hug and kissing her cheek. She has such soft skin, like a baby's bottom. Talking about bottoms that ass of hers is smoking...oooh what I wouldn't give to ride that. '' yeah, sorry I'm a bit late, at least I'm here now though ay?'' she said finishing her sentence, that I hadn't heard the start of. Bad Dan.

We took our seats and of course I held her chair for her as she sat down. ''Such a gentleman, there's a lot less of them now'' uttered Katie. She has one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen, its just so real, everything about her was real and I adored it. She wasn't even wearing any make up tonight, she was that gorgeous, that she didn't need it. I love that natural look and the way she makes me feel at ease around her, the way she talks. She is just something else you know. That's why I really want to get to know her, she seems really interesting.

''I see you started without me'' she said gesturing, with her head to my empty glass ''I was thirsty love, you don't want me to dehydrate, do you?'' I muttered back, placing my palm on the middle of my chest ''No, of course not'' she said ''So what you having to drink then?'' I asked ''umm not sure'' she replied ''Well make up your mind quick, he's coming'' I said, leaning back into my chair staring forward at the waiter walking toward us. ''What?'' Katie turned her head suddenly behind her to see the waiter then she half smiled at him to try and cover up her sudden movement. ''Madame are ready to order your drinks now'' the waiter asked ''yes I think so, I'll have a lemonade with ice, if you've got it'' she chirped ''And can I have another Guinness please'' I added ''Most certainly, your drinks will be with you shortly. Enjoy you date'' said the waiter as he grinned continuously at me and Katie.

''So..'' before I could continue I was interrupted by a tapping on my shoulder I looked at Katie's confused but slightly amused face. ''Excuse me, young man'' I heard a frail voice say, in my ear. I turned in my chair to see a little old lady holding out a pen and a piece of paper to me. ''Could you sign this for me please? My grandson is a really big fan of you and your band'' pleaded the elderly lady. I got up and bent down, to greet the old lady ''Yeah of course I can, what's you grandson's name?'' I asked, with the pen and paper in my hand waiting for her reply ''What?'' groaned the lady ''What's your grandson's name?'' I asked again slightly louder ''Oh yes, it is a lovely night tonight'' uttered the old lady, with a massive smile across her face. I stood still for a few moments and looked at the old lady and then to the man on a table behind her. He just sat there chuckling to himself.

Then all of a sudden out of nowhere this loud voice came from behind me ''HE SAID, WHATS YOUR GRANDSON'S NAME LUV'' yelled Katie across the restaurant, moving her head so her hair was dangling down, so she could see the woman in front of me. I stood even stiller, as the whole restaurant went silent and stared at the three of us with shocked expressions on their faces. ''OOOH, he's called Samuel, yes Samuel Jones is his name'' I slowly nodded at her and wrote down a quick message signed by myself.

Katie's P.O.V

As Danny sat down at our table once again, noise began to fill  the room and eyes began to move away from us. Danny  just sat there with now a drink in his hand, smiling intensely at me ''What?'' I asked slightly confused ''Oh nothing'' he replied ''So why did she want your autograph then?'' I asked, scrunching up my face. ''I'm in a band, we're called 'The Script''' he explained. What the hell is he on about? ''What so your like famous or something?'' I said ''Well, I suppose so, if you wanna call it that'' he muttered nervously. No way was this real ''No, your having me on, aren't ya? Your not in no famous band, is this all a set up or something?'' I uttered back raising my voice slightly, as I looked around at everyone in the restaurant, with squinted eyes ''No, I'm really not. I am actually in a band, I promise'' he insisted ''Alright then, so what kind of music does 'The Script' play then?'' I asked suspiciously ''Well its kind of a rock and R'n'B vibe, we got going on really'' he said. I tilted my head slightly, looking at him puzzled. I took a deep breath in and then sighed, as I did this I saw Danny have a cheeky look at my breasts that were on show at the top of my half sparkling, tight red dress, that I was wearing. ''Have you heard of 'Breakeven' by any chance or 'Hall of fame'''? Danny added. I pondered to my self for a bit before I answered ''Oh yes I have heard those songs before, 'Hall of fame' is so catchy and 'Breakeven' is just so deep and honest but at the same time a fantastic tune to listen to...wait did your band write those songs?'' I said, with my eyes now widening and brain going into over drive ''We did indeed, I'm glad you like'' he said smiling ''Now you come to mention it, the name the 'Script' does actually ring a bell, well who'd a thought it ay? You've still got a dirty mouth though'' I snapped, giggling as I looked at Danny's eyes beginning to shine through the candle light on our table.

'' So do you come from a big family?'' I asked ''Yeah, there's six of us, three girls and three boys. I'm actually the youngest so I always remember guarding my tea, with my arm, as a kid, you know. What about you?'' said Danny ''Well, I beat you I'm actually one of seven, only girl and second youngest. The thing I always remember was wrestling with my other brothers'' I mumbled, with a slight smirk appearing on my face. ''What kinda music do you like then?'' he said ''Soul, bita pop and R'n'B. I used to listen to 'Boy's to men' a lot and Stevie Wonder'' ''Same here!'' Danny blurted out, as he was taking a sip of his Guinness. ''I just love jamming out to a 'Boys to men' track'' he added ''Oh so what instruments dya play then?'' I said ''Guitar, piano, bitta drum, terribly and I can play 'When the saints go Marching in'', with a recorder up me nose'' Danny announced, quite proud ''Wow, I just play Saxophone, bitta double base and bitta piano. You must be pretty talented then?'' I asked  looking intensively into his eyes ''Well yeah I suppose I am'' he replied sarcastically. We both began to giggle, I love to see him laugh he's so cute when he's happy. ''I'm pretty talented in ALOT of areas'' said Danny, winking at me. ''Oh, Danny do you ever stop? Your such a naughty boy'' I whispered quietly. ''You know you love it, saucy'' he muttered back.

''I'm surprised the waiter hasn't come to take our orders yet but we should probably have them ready for when he comes. It was 7:35 now and Danny and I began to look at the food menu's. It was really funny to watch Danny's face, as he studied the menu hard. ''Oooh they have oyster's, did you know their a aphrodisiac?'' I said, feeling pleasantly surprised, to see them on the menu ''Uh no, what does 'aphrodisiac' mean exactly?'' Danny asked curiously ''It means it stimulates sexual desire'' I replied ''Sorry for the wait sir and madam, there was a back up in the kitchen but everything's in order now so would you like me to take your order?'' gently asked the waiter ''Uh..'' before I could say a word Danny was straight in there ''We'll have oyster's please'' he blurted out suddenly. I began to giggle to myself and stared at Danny with a weak disapproving look. ''Ok sir and refills?'' asked the waiter ''Yes please, same for me and Danny will have, I guess another Guinness'' I said. The waiter nodded and began to make his way back to the kitchen, there was a few minutes silence after he left but it wasn't awkward or anything because we just stared into each other eyes, it was the best few minutes of my life. He's soooo attractive and charming.

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