Trip-y mistake

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Chapter 3:  trip-y mistake

-this chapter is a little bit long but who cares and it gets a little sexual in the middle-

When high school came alone I wasn't the same kid back in middle school.

I was better actually.

New look.

Different personality.

Different group of friends.

As they say it "new year, new me" literally.

I was myself and didn't change for nobody.

If people would ask me, "are you gay?" I would give them a casual "yeah" because I now except who I really am.

I was really indeed suprised that my straight "guy" friends took in who I really was.

They were actually surprised them selfs that I liked guys and not pussy.

I also crushed some of my girl "friends" that had secret crushes on me .

Lol oh well.

I also gained a lot of girl "friends" which i don't know why.

To girls having a gay guy as a friend is amazing to them.

I mean come on we can complement you all the time but never want to get in your pants.

Also I didn't mind having all girls as friends.

It's better than having a group of guys talking about how many girls they fucked, and me talking about what we all have from the waste below.

(A penis).

Even though I'm open About my sexuality, at home it's a different story.

I have a grandmother who is so religious she brings up Jesus up every time she could breath,
Which was always.

Since we moved in with my grandmother.

My mother has gotten really religious as well.

Just like my grandmother.

we would go to church once a while but now we go every Sunday, and I always end up falling asleep or dozing off during service.

She use to accept my sexuality but now all of a sudden she doesn't like it at all.

I think she forgot all about my being gay?

Until one day.....

One day that will never leave my memory as long as I live...



- CAUTION this part is a little sexual so yeah. But hey I'm just writing what really happened-

I remember it so well.

I went to go over my ex house.

(Armando) we have been talking for about 2 months.

He told me that his ex was still living with him because he couldn't kick him out, he had no where to go, his family wouldn't take him in.

(He was 19) which got me thinking but didn't bother me.

We soon arrive at his room and closed the door.

His mom was in the other room but she didn't mind which was kinda odd but I didn't care at the time.

Their was nothing but silence that filled the air.

You couldn't hear nothing but our heart beats.

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