Chapter Eight

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"And now Luke is pissed off." I concluded, watching the girls faces.

"Is that it?" Anna asked. "He's annoyed because you and Calum kissed?"

"Maybe he thinks it's like Calum kissing him?" Amelia suggested. "You know, 'cos you're twins?"

"I doubt it, 'Melia." I said. "He just hates me dating on of his friends."

"But you're not dating." Lucy said.

"You got that right." A voice said, we all turned to see Luke standing in the door. I sighed.

"Luke, you can hate me as much as you want. I kissed Calum, he kissed me back. There isn't much else you can do." I said, my eyes pleading with him.

"I can keep you guys away from each other."

"How? We're on tour together, we're gonna see each other every day for as long as the tour continues." I reminded him.

"You're my twin sister, I said no-one was to date you." Luke said.

I shook my head. "You're my brother, not my dad."

"I'm your older brother."

"By like 2 minutes!" I shouted.

"I'm still your older brother!" He shouted back.

"Fine. Keep me away from Cal, it won't do anything. He likes me, and I like him."

"You do not like him." Luke said, slowly.

"No, I'm pretty sure I do."

Luke was getting angry, and I was satisfied that this was winding him up. Lucy walked up to him, and began to try and calm him down.

"Luke," She whispered. "Come on, calm down. Let's go take a walk."

Lucy pulled Luke out of the room, and I collapsed into tears onto the couch. The other boys came walking in, as the girls crowded around me. Calum immediately grabbed me and pulled me into a hug.

"Melly, baby, what happened?" Calum asked, stroking my hair.

"H-h-he hates me, Cal." I whispered. "We a-a-argued."

"He doesn't hate you. What happened?"

"H-h-he said he was g-going to k-keep us away from e-each other." I sniffled.

Calum stiffened. "No, he won't."

"T-that's what I told him. I t-told him t-that I liked you, and t-that you liked me."

"What did he say?"

"He s-said that I didn't."

Calum pulled me up to his eyes, and brushed my tears away. "I like you, Melody Hemmings. I have done since the first day I met you. When you walked in from School, and tripped over your shoes right infront of me, because you were trying to act cool."

I laughed, shakily, at that memory. "I-I'd love to forget about that."

"Never." He laughed, before kissing me. I clung onto him, until someone had cleared their throat. We pulled away.

"I don't see how Luke has a problem with this." Anna said.

"Me either." Ashton agreed.

Calum stood up, I watched him, Ash and Mike leave the room.

"Come on, time to clean you up." Amelia said, helping me to the bathroom.

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