xliv. destructive

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not only do i hate you,

i despise you.

venom is what i feel,

by just thinking of you,

the times you hurt me.

screams errupt from deep inside my throat,

time seems to stop as you turn around,

don't you ignore my pleads of freedom.

why won't you let me go?

how could i have ever loved you?

again you hear nothing,

my yelling put out by a simple hit.

flames light up in your cold eyes.

fragments of my broken heart,

another piece of me falls apart.

ever since the day we met,

do you act gentle when around others,

and you are a beast when they leave.

floods of tears stream down my face,

leave me on my own for once.

malice i bear, hidden inside.

naked you leave me on the floor,

gooseflesh all over me.

teeth marks on my arm.

a big bruise on my shoulder.

jagged teeth bare,

jaw clenched.

loathe takes over me,

final hit,

will you regret what you did?


i wrote this for a contest on a poetry site. i do not experience abuse in my life, those who do; i wish i could help you.

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