Chapter 2: The Castle

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"Pissst... Luka wake up," some one whispers in my ear. I bolt sitting up and accidentally bash heads with Haku. I'm just about to scream in pain when Haku shuts me up by covering my mouth. "Shh! We're going shopping. My way that is. But don't wake Zabuza. Come on," he hisses in my ear. He removes his hand.

"I need to change," I say.

"Got that covered," Haku gives me a completely black uniform like one of those ninjas in the movies.

"Turn around and close your eyes. Yin and Yang, watch him." I order. Yin and Yang growl and Haku faced the blue wall.

I quickly change out of my baggy shirt and into the ninja-ish outfit. "Okay ready," I say. Haku nods and walks out of my room with me following. It was midnight. I fumed. "Who the heck goes shopping at midnight?" I think.

(Clack, Clack, Clack!)

I turn around. Yin and Yang were following me. "Shh! Come here you two," I pick them both up, one under each arm. "Can we hurry Haku, even though I have absolutely no idea where we would shop at this time of the night," I mumble that last sentence. Haku heard.

"We're going to a castle. I raid it every time I want. It's got great stuff. I don't feel like walking, so we'll teleport," Haku says. We got to the outside of the mansion's gate. "Hold on to me," Haku says, and grabs me into a hug. I blush a little. So does Haku, but he's wearing his mask. There is a flurry of snow, and then we are at a huge castle. It's so big that the shortest tower is like 20 stories high. Haku heads towards the castle, and I followed him, setting down the Yin and Yang in the process.

Haku leads me to a secret servant's entrance. "Follow me," Haku says. He walks through the entrance and I follow along with Yin and Yang. We all walked past groundless doors and up many staircases. When Haku finally stops in front of one of the doors. "Be very quiet. Come on," Haku whispers and walks through the door.

"You heard the man, Shh!" I hiss at Yin and Yang. They nod and followed me through the door. It's very dark, but the moonlight coming from the window gives enough light to shows me that I'm in a giant room with 4-poster bed.

"Over here, Luka," Haku whispers from in front of yet another door. I tip-toe over to him as he opens the door and goes in. I gasp as I see the size of the closet. There were dozens and dozens of dresses all hung up neat and tidy. I walk up to a pretty blue dress, who Haku pops his head from behind the rack of clothes. "Sooo? What do you think?" Haku asked, I smile.

"It's awesome! How did you find this place?" I asked.

"I was raiding the castle looking for anything valuable when I was almost found out. Luckily this closet was here, I hid until that person was gone," Haku shrugs.

"Of course," I rolled my eyes. Haku disappears behind the clothes, and then popped up in another spot.

"Hey look at this," he says and hands me a lovely red dress.

"Nice. Oh! Look at this! Try this one on!" I squeal, handing Haku a flowing white plain dress. Haku's eyes widen.

"But......I'm a guy!" He stutters.

"I know, but it would look good on you if you had to cross-dress for a mission," I say. He blushes from embarrassment.

"Do I have to?" Haku asks.

"No..." I say. Haku sighs with a relief. "But I'm making you," I shove him into the dressing room with the dress. Then I go into the other dressing room with the lovely red dress. We come out and look at each other with Haku blushing mad. "You would definitely pass as a girl. How do I look?" I ask, spinning in a circle.

"Good," Haku says. "Now can I get out of this?"

"Yeah, it's getting a little late and I'm getting tired," I yawn.

Haku and I go back into the dressing room and change. I take a few clothes as I walk out the door. Quietly I tip-toe past the bed and into the hallway, and then out the servants entrance. I pick up Yin and Yang while Haku does some hand-signs. Then I'm in my room in a puff of smoke. I flop onto my bed and say,

"Good night Haku..." Then I fell asleep. Haku watches me for a while, and then leans down and whispers in me ear,

"Good night Luka." He walks out the door and quietly shuts the door.


I wake up to smelly puppy breath and opened my eyes to find Yin's muzzle in my face.

"Oh, Yin..." I mumble and shove the smelly muzzle away. I get up and find myself in the same clothes as last night. I change into a green and black outfit. Then I walk out the door to find Haku already there, so I collide and fell on top of him. "I'm so sorry, Haku! You just appeared out of no where and I didn't see and......" I say really fast before Haku puts his hand over my mouth.

"It's okay...but would you please get off me?" I jump up blushing, and then I helped Haku up.

"So...What were you doing in front of my door?" I ask.

"Breakfast is ready," Haku shrugs.

"Oh, Ok. Lead the way," I say. I, Yin, and Yang followed Haku to the kitchen where I found omelets. My stomach grumbled. I never noticed how hungry I was. The pups didn't stop, but ran for the bowl of dog-chow. I walked over to my omelets and dig in. Wow was it good. "These omelets are delicious!" I say.

"My specialty, chili and cheese omelets," Haku says. I smile and take another bite.

"Ouch!" I say.

"What is it?" Haku asks.

"I bite my tongue," I say with my tongue sticking out.

"Oh, well...Do you want me to kiss it better?" Haku asks. I freeze and look at Haku in a shock as he leans towards me. Our lips meet and the fireworks began. I close my eyes and wrap my arms around his neck, as he wrap around me waist. Suddenly, Zabuza appears reading the newspaper saying,

"Hey Haku, What's for breakfast?" I and Haku separate as Zabuza folds away his paper.

"Chili and cheese omelets," Haku said, handing Zabuza a plate. I sit back down and eat my omelets, occasionally sneaking a glance at Haku. We all eat in silence. Finally I stand up and put my dishes in the sink. Then I walked into the gigantic living room where a flat screen T.V. was with every game control there is.

"So this is where the T.V. was. And it's huge! Is that a pinball machine?" I say out loud. I ran to the T.V. and plug in a controller and played any game of my choice.

I'm beating up the boss when Haku walks in and sits next to me. He takes a controller and helped me beat up the boss guy. "Thanks Haku, want to play a racing game?" I ask, pointing at Super Mario Kart 3.

"Sure, I call Yoshi," Haku says. I put in the game and play for a long time. Yin and Yang also played. So all four of us played until night fall. The score ended with me-1st, Haku-2nd, and Yin and Yang tied for 3rd. finally, Haku walked me to my room. At the door he whispers, "Good night Luka," and pecks me on the check.

I walked into my room in a daze as I touch the spot where he kissed me. I fall asleep with Yin and Yang at my feet, and dreamed.

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