Chapter #3:

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"ohh hey! umm.. it's harry"

"oh my god!! Hi!" she answer.

"how are you? did you have fun last night?"  i interrogate

"yes! i really enjoy it so much! and i can't still believe that I've met you guys & i can't also believe that u get my number and now we're having a conversation.." she shouted like there's no tomorrow.

"Woah marry!  chill huh!"

"oh sorry, im just still having a hang over.."

"heh. that's okay.." i asked.

"by the way, how long did you guys will stay here in England?" she interrogate.

"two and a half months." i answer.

"Really?!?!" she asked shockingly


"umm...can we meet again harry?" she asked me.

"i don't think so but i think that's hard?" replied sadly

"oh yeah.. i understand you'" she asked disappointedly


"no "buts" harry,atleast you had my number and and i had yours too so that's okay.."

"so, you don't want to see me again?"

"it's not like that,harry,i just think of it .. that were going to meet again and someone's knew that you're meeting with your fans..seriously that lots of people will hate you so much.."

"yeah I've got it" i answer disappointedly

"maybe i call you up later huh!" i added.

"okay.. bye harry!"

*call ended.*

"who's that?" liam asked.


"you really looks so sad harry,what is it?" niall asked me too.

"i said nothing!"

"oh ! I've knew it! you're hiding something harry, how dare you.!?" liam asked.

"no! no, im not Hiding anything on you guys! honestly! just Calm down!" i answer nervously

"if you're really not hiding any thing.. why can't you answer us huh?" niall asked.

"it's just all about marry.."

"who's marry?" zayn forget her already..

"she's one of our fans right?" niall rosing his eyebrows.

"'re right"

"so what's the matter about her hazza?" niall added

"nothing,we just wanna meet again.. but you know, it's pretty hard right.." i explained to him.

"that's not hard.. harry,just always remember that you can do all the things that you wanted to." liam asked me..

i rose an eyebrow rolling my eyes..













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