Chapter 11: In Which Eddie Becomes Sherlock Holmes

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So I'm back. Permanently. Or at least until this story is done. Here's a link to explain everything -->

ALSO quick change that I made, I went back to the last chapter and changed Brooks' position to Left wing, mainly because later chapters in the story wouldn't have worked out as well if James wasn't the starting center. That's the only changes I've made, so ye.


"Are you sure you don't want me to meet the rest of the hockey team?"

"Just let it go, Aleks."

"It won't matter, I'll just hang back and say 'hello!' and then we can lea-"

"Aleksandr, I swear to whatever deity is watching us right now, I will not hesitate to kiss you straight on the mouth to shut you up," James was still stressing over the fact that his own teammates were homophobic, and that he wanted to make sure Aleks was safe from them. He knew how bad they could get; he'd seen them do it plenty of times. Aleks giggled beside him. "What?"

"'Straight on the mouth' isn't the best example to use, since you're not... y'know, straight."

"Oh, shut the fuck up."

"What are we shutting the fuck up about?" Eddie had now made his way over to their designated table, with Jordan and Seamus in tow. They all sat down across from the pair, accompanied by the school's new recipe of fake Chinese food in little cartons. James looked at them in disgust.

"Are you seriously gonna eat that shit?" Eddie frowned at him, mouth full of fried rice and eggs. Swallowing loudly, he answered, "Yeah, I seriously ate that shit. What's got your panties in a twist?"

"He's probably just angry that Tiffany is fucking that fish-face guy from third period, right James?" Seamus sniggered, muching on an oiled-up fake fortune cookie. James nearly choked on his water.

"Brian is seriously dating that whore? Oh, I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind later..."

Aleks watched his boyfriend get flustered with amusement. Of course, James had no remaining feelings for the girl after she had nearly given him herpes or something like that earlier in the year, if he remembered correctly. James would have nagged more about it if his mom hadn't staggered into the kitchen mumbling about wanting coffee. It was nice being around James; he was so laid back and chilled-out, he didn't have to worry about the way he acted, unlike when he was around his...

Shit, Aleks thought. I never called him this morning, did I?

Aleks shot up from his seat in the café, causing more than a few heads to turn his way. "Eddie, do you mind if I borrow your cell phone for a minute?" Aleks asked. He could feel his body temperature rise in fear. Aleks had never, in all of his life, forgotten to call his dad. Ever. Confused, Eddie pulled out his phone. 

"Sure dude, what's wrong?" A look of concern flashed across Eddie's face, but Aleks was too occupied to notice.

"Nothing, thanks Eddie!" Aleks walked quickly out to the picnic tables located near the door, where a group of sophomores were discussing the latest episode of some hit reality-television show. They looked up at him momentarily, but then quickly returned to immersing themselves into their conversation. Aleks walked over to the wall of the school, where there was a half-assed paint job in progress that was trying to cover up graffiti. Aleks swiped his thumb to the dial pad of Eddie's phone, and tapped in his father's cell phone number. Aleks waited for his father to answer after his phone began to ring, anxiety branching throughout his stomach.

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