Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

It was the third day of school so it was a wensday i think i'm not sure because i was stil alittle drousey from just wakeing up.

i would'nt have woken up if my mom was'nt in my room constintley telling me to get up i probibiley would have missed school i was so tired.

So i got up and got dressed and went down stairs to the table when i got in the kitchen i noticed i had two little girls on me one my leg and one on my back.I decided to let them have their fun and resul me to the ground  Once i was able to get josie off my back then i was able to to get may off my leg then they had it comeing i tickled them till they could'nt breath.

I plonked down in the chair and ate my breakfast, right befor i left for school i worned josie and may to watch their backs then i told mom and the girls goodbye.

When i was parking my car i could see the jocks comeing over to me i did'nt know if i should start walking away or just stand their. They looked happily at me but i also know from getting beaten up at my old school that a look like that comeing from a jock is'nt the best thing in the i decided to start walking untill i heard something.


At that moment i could tell that was liam.I turned around and i was right it was.

"Lious, want to come walk with us." 

"I guess your cool enough to walk with us."


So i started walking with them like they consisted, so i just decided to stay in the back but liam just kept pulling me back in the circle.

I got to math like i did everyday  sat in my seat and liam sat in his.

"Mr.Tomlinsen, Mr.Payne will you please come here."

Me and liam both went up to Mrs.Bayleys desk.

"Liam your grades are dangerously low so that why i want Mr.tomlensen to tutor you."


"Well Mr.Payne you ave to make time your not going to pass this class."

"Are you ok with that louis."

"Yes mam."

"Ok." time to start class i would recamend you start tonight ok now go back to your seats.

I went back to my seat and thought i have to tutor the guy i like.!!

"So do you want to start tonight."

"Ya i dont have a choice."

"Ok heres my adress."


The bell had just rang and i was weirdly walking with liam to my next class. 

Weird huh?

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