Ariana's POV.

After the movie we went to bed.While walking to my room I saw Flora talking to herself.

F:I can't believe my mom send my to a stupid adoption center. Why did I get lucky and get adoped to Ariana Grande.why am I always so nervous around her.

I smiled at the questions she was saying and went into her room.

A:good night silly goose.

I said laughing.She looked at me confused and went to bed.

I went to my room fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed.


I woke up early and went to the kids room to wake them up.They have school today and I've already got thete backpack and school stuff for them.Ashley was already up and I was surprised.

A:your up early

Ash:you are too

A:because you're going to school today

Ash:do I have too


She immediately got up and put on clothes I bought her.I went to Flora's.She was asleep, I woke her up and she opened one eye and looked at me then sat up.

A:you have school today


A:go put clothes on

She did as I told her and I went downstairs to cook pancakes ansld waffles.they got downstairs and ate breakfast.

When they were finished we got to the car and o drove them off to school.


Flora's POV.

The bell ring for my third period and I rush through the crowded hallways and up the stairs I ran into someone.I looked up to find Ash staring into eyes.


Ash:hey what class you have next


Ash:I've got the same class

I smiled and we walked to class together. When we were in class i talked to her the period and Mrs.rRooney never noticed.


At lunch Ashley found some friends and we sat next to them at their table.

Brian:you guys are sisters

Ash:no just cousins

F:we are adopted by Ariana Grande and Jeanette mccurdy

Sarah:that's cool can we go visit your house someday


After lunch we went to are next classes and went home.I sat on my bed and started doing homework. Ashley came into my room and asked for help on homework.

Ash:is Ari and Jeanette working?


Ash:you wanna go there with me

I didn't say anything, I just looked at her.

F:I don't think that's a good idea we'll get in trouble

Ash:no we won't

She smirked and walked off to her room.


I got out of my bed and found Ash walk towards the door.

F:what are you doing

Ash:going out somewhere

F:we can't go anywhere

She ignored me and walked out I catched up with her.I walked with her down the street.The sun was setting and we stopped at a store that had snacks,I followed Ash into the store.we had no money.

F:why are we going here if have no money


She ignored my question and looked around.She grabbed two bags of Doritos chips and two cans of soda and sneaked to the back and went out the back door.I follwed without saying a word.

F:why'd you steal snacks from this store

Ash:because it's the only store that dose not have cameras

F:but I don't think you should steal

She walked off and I follow her.we got home cause it was to dark to go anywhere else.

When we got home Ariana and Jeanette were standing at the door angrily.

Ari:where were you

Ash looked at me as if I was going to tell on her, but I did

F:Ashley wanted to go somewhere but I told her no, but she didn't listen she went out and I had to follow her.we went to a store and she stoled snacks and no one saw her she ignored me when I said not to steal.

Ashley looked at me like I was crazy.

Jeanette:give me your snacks and go to bed

We gave her the snacks and went upstairs.

Ash:why'd you tell now we don't have anything to eat because of you.your just snitch and I thought tou were my friend.

She went and slammed her door.I stood there and cried my self to my room.I laid on my bed, when Ariana came in "what's wrong"she asked."nothing, just Ashley is mad that I told on her and called me a snitch"I said .

She kissed me and hugged me good night and I fell asleep after that.

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