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The wedding flowed smoothly into the reception,where tables were all set for the meal. Aoife went searching for our names,to find where we would be seated. Tameika and I began chatting.

"Harry looks amazing,doesn't he?"

I nodded "I know, he looks so much better in person"

"What about Niall though? He had his eye for you!"

I went red and struggled for words. I didn't even know Niall but even the mention of his name made me nervous. I was thoroughly relieved though when Aoife came back with our table number.

"Number 4!" She announced "Right beside the Bridesmaid and Best Man table!"

"Ah,I believe that would be my table"

I heard from behind me. Both girls had gone silent and I turned around and came face to face with the one and only,Harry Styles. He was smiling,dimples on show, at Tammy. She was grinning back at him.

"Why don't I show you the way?"

Tameika giggled and I rolled my eyes


Harry led the way to our table before sitting down at his. He sat closest to Tameika.

Liam and Leigh Anne were the main best man/maid of honour so they sat up with Zayn and Perrie.

When we reached our table,we found four girls and a little toddler already sitting there.

'You must be friends of Perries! Hi I'm Lou and this is Lux' The girl with the lilac hair and a little blonde toddler sitting on her lap greeted us.

'I'm Aoife' she grinned

'Hi I'm Gemma,Harry's sister' Another smile

'Louis girlfriend,Eleanor' Another smile

'I'm Sophia,Liam's girlfriend' Sophia's smile was a lot more timid than the rest.

I put on my biggest grin ' Hi I'm Chloe,we're all friends with Perrie'

I peered over at Tameika,wondering when she was going to introduce herself. But n,of course she was flirting with Harry.

Aoife smiled at them while I rolled my eyes at them.

'Oh Gem?' Harry piped up ' Drummer emo is looking for you'

Gemma huffed 'His name is Ashton'

Lou smirked along with Harry as Gemma strolled away.

'Ashton is Gemma's boyfriend' Harry winked at me and I instantly redden. 'His band tour with me and the lads'

'oh..okay' I stuttered. Why was I so embarrassed?!

'Have you seen the toilets in here!?' Niall stumbled over to the table. ' They're huge and the so- oh.. hi ladies'

His cheeks flushed red as he stuttered. I giggled quietly and he half smiled at me.

' I'm Niall,by the way'

'Chloe' a smiled,genuinely this time.

He sat down and we all began to eat our meals that the waiters had just set out.

The girls were all lovely and so easy to chat to.

I'd had a flute of champagne with my meal so my head had a very slight buzz from that.

Once the meal had finished, emotional speeches were given by Zayn and Perrie's family members. The best man speech had everyone in fits if laughter as Liam continually embarrassed Zayn and Leigh Anne did the same. The tables were cleared and it was time for the first dance.

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