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It's Tuesday!Tuesday is my favorite day!well next to Saturday.I like tuesdays because I get to walk with Matt everytime we have a class together.We got home from our trip yesterday at 1 in the morning.I dont like having cut sleeps,They make me cranky the next day.Since I've got school later,I threw my bag somewhere and went to sleep.

I got up at 6.Good thing I didnt oversleep.I took a bath and wore the new clothes dad bought me.I took my purse and went down.Everyone was up.Dad was drinking some coffee,mom was making breakfast and Andrew was watching morning cartoon shows.Since it was still early,I decided to eat breakfast with them.I grabbed a plate of waffles and a glass of milk.I sat beside Andrew and watched with him.After 30 mins,I got up and walked to school.

I got to school at 7:15.Since I still have 45 mins till my first class,I went to the library to finish my geometry homework.After finishing my homework,I went to my locker.As I opened my locker,A note fell out of it.It was a poem.Nobody signed it,but I can tell a boy wrote it.It was actually a love poem.It said:


Your beautiful hair falls until your waist
I think you're part of the "beautiful race"
You eyes are so bright
So bright,that they sparkle in the night

More letters to come

-Ur secret admirer


"What the Hey!I have a secret admirer!?!"I whisper-shouted

What idiot would like a girl like me?Wait let me rephrase that.What idiot other than George would like a girl like me!
I crumpled the paper and put it in my pocket.I took my books out and waited for Matt.I looked at my watch,"7:40"I guess I have to go without him.I closed my locker and walked to the court.I heard somebody shouting my name.I didnt know where it came from because it was really crowded.I ignored it and continued walkingThen I heard it again,the voice was familiar now,It was Matt.He was running towards me.


He was still running and didnt notice the wet floor.He slipped and made a loud crash.As a friend I helped him up.After laughing at him.

"Hey clutz!Need help?"I extended my hand for him to grab.

"Thank you.For the nickname and the help"

"No problem clutz!"

"Oh I'll get back at you soon enough Stewart"

"I'll look forward to that"

After our very nice conversation,we went to gym class.I said goodbye and went to the girl's locker.I changed my clothes and Tied my hair in a messy bun.I looked for Camille and sat beside her on the bleachers.In gym,we didnt play any sport.Instead,she gave us a boring lecture about the rules,positions and history of volleyball.Thank god,Principal Winston called us to go to the auditorium in the middle of the discussion.

Principal Winston announced the activities for March.I didnt understand everything,All I heard was we will be having a few fundraisers.After the announcements,it was recess already.I went to my locker first to get my other books and return some books.I got another note from my "secret admirer".


I see you everyday in school,
Even before you were not cool
I know that this may sound crazy
But you make me drool

Im a friend of yours

-Ur secret admirer


I crumpled it again and put it in my pocket.I like discovering secret identities.I'll try to figure out who this "secret admirer".I went to our table and sat there in silence.I didnt know how to tell them.After a few minutes,I was about to tell them when suddenly,Jack and Cody brought 4 boxes of pizza.What the hey! We were only 8 in our group and we have 4 boxes!I took a slice of cheese pizza and finished it before talking about my problem.

"Wait what!?"they all had the same response

"I told you.I have a secret admirer.He keeps on putting notes in my locker.He makes me poems but they were a bit corny.Can you guys help me find out who this admirer is?"

All of them were noisy and guessing who it was,except for Matt.Matt was sitting there eating pizza quietly.Man,what's his problem.

After recess we had a few more subjects.After learning,it was finally lunch time.On the way to the cafeteria,Matt went to me to have a talk.

"Hey heartthrob!"

"Really Matt,that's the best nickname you can give me?"

"Hey I got no adjective to describe you yet"

"I'll be waiting for that nickname,clutz""

"So about that secret admirer...."Matt changed the subject

"I know,Creepy right?"

"Um no.Actually it's pretty nice having someone like you"

"I already have George,so why bother having a secret admirer"

"Yeah right,but if you're not with George,Would you take a chance?"


"Ok thanks!"

After our chat,he ran away.He's acting weird today.

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