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Chapter 15: Busted

Hi, Zoe! I just wanted to hear how you're doing. I know things didn't really turn out too well last night. I wish I could have stopped it. To be honest I'm a bit confused myself about it. Who was that Chad? Was that the friend you came with? I thought you went with Clark, but it didn't look like it... Sorry, I honestly just want to see how you are. Please call back when you have time...

Hey! I'm sorry that last night wasn't like I'd hoped. Clark somehow got on my nerves, and I did some stupid things. It was kind of chaotic. Especially with that other guy. What was his name again, Dreg? I understand why you left. How about I make it up to you? Want to grab something to eat this weekend? We could have some fun, and I promise it will be better than last time. Call me back and tell me what you think...

Hello, my lioness. I wanted to apologize for my behavior. It was never my intention to start a brawl, but seeing you in that police man's arms as he hurt you without noticing was...too much. I know that that is in no way any excuse for what I did, but I hope that you at least can understand me. I want to apologize directly, face to face. How about meeting me at my home today or tomorrow? I still have some studies to catch up on, which I remind you is your job to help me with. The process would be quickened if a kiss was rewarded for each correct answer, but that's only a suggestion. And I recently dug up some interesting looking things which might suffice as an apology. What do you say? The offer will not stand forever...

As soon as the messages were finished, I switched my phone off and dropped backwards onto my bed. A heavy sigh left my chest.

Chad, Clark and Greg had been calling me since yesterday night, when everything went to hell during the party. Being the admirably brave person that I am, I hadn’t dared answering. Honestly, I had no idea how the media could think I was so courageous and heroic when I couldn’t even talk to someone over the phone. Well, unless it was heroic to stay at home hiding all day.

My mind was still reeling after that mysterious stranger had talked to me last night. I was more than a little frightened of how he knew my name and my friends. I couldn’t remember ever seeing him, but of course the mask made it a bit difficult. It just had to be a masquerade, didn’t it?

I had talked to Emily about it last night. Even though she had freaked out and talked about calling the police, it had helped me relax a bit. I had convinced her that taking this to the police was a bad idea. What was I going to say? Yeah, a guy came up to me at a party – which I wasn’t even invited to – said that he knew me and a whole bunch of other stuff I didn’t understand. Absolutely petrifying, I know. 

Even though I wanted to spend my Saturday feeling sorry for myself with some junk food in front of the TV, I couldn’t. However much I longed for some The Vampire Diaries and my daily dose of Ian Somerhalder, I was a grown woman, and thus had responsibilities.

Which included hosting the next Pokémon gathering.

The secret group of Pokémon lovers I was apart of in my school met a few times a year. We traded cards, played, but mostly we just hung out. It was actually a really good way to get to know other people, like if they preferred Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaour.

I got up and shook my self-pity off. There was always time for that later.

One hour later we were all sat in the living room around the table with our cards in our hands. We were eight people in total, but today we were one short because one of the guys was sick.

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