Chat on oovoo

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Emily: Hey Rossie! what up.

Rossie: Nothing Ethan just here thinking that about minecraft

Emily: of course. Wait why is he at your house?

Rossie: Your mom came with him

Emily: oh okay.

Rossie: so what's up?

Emily:oh nothing just chatting with you.

Rossie:ture I have to log out kk sorry :-(.

With Ethan and Rossie.

“Hey Rossie want to climb up a tree."Ethan. Sure why not.

On the Tree

Hey watch  my shoe. Sure why not and grab Rossie by the hand. His freeze hand touch my as I giggle that emily is looking right at him. Why you hold her hand Ethan? it just for safety. Really when has she fell down from a tree. well never.

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