Chapt. 11 home

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Chapter 11

Lillie's Pov

After Carter stepped aside to let me inside, I told him I got lost on my way home, I was relieved that he believed me and walked away up to the game room with his brothers.

"Hey shrimp, come to the kitchen" John yelled out I walked into the kitchen and saw my favorite food "oh, my, gosh! You made my favorite!" I took a bite of the steak pot pie and moaned.

"Thank you John! I guess you can be nice!" I smiled and he messed up my hair "well, you owe me $20" for just making it for you”, I sighed, well there's the John I know. I went upstairs, grabbed $20 then back to the kitchen, gave him the $20 and took my pot pie to my room.

Oh how I don't miss this family I thought to myself... I turned my TV on and heard a knock on my door "come in" I said and came in was John "hey shrimp" "uh hi?" I said "what do you want?"  I asked not looking at him. “Just to talk to you" he said, he sat on my bed "so I know there's those new guys in our school, I don't want you near them" he said and got up without giving me a chance to speak, he left.

After he left, I watched some TV, thinking about what he said and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stay away from those boys, I felt sad that I wasn’t near them and fell asleep.


Austin's Pov

I can't wait until we get to school! Get to see our mate, oh Lillie is just beautiful! I smiled while thinking about her until I was hit in the chest "dude! Come on, we're here!" yelled Connor

When Jason told Connor that she didn't run away and that she was right there when he came in, he was pissed off, so he punched Jason and now he's got a black eye. To be honest, I don’t understand why Connor gave Jason a black eye.

We all walked in our first class early for once and sat around where she sits and waited.

When she came in the school, we could smell her coconut and strawberry sent, and she smells delicious! Yes we know that sounds a bit creepy and you might wonder "how can they smell her already or possibly know what she smells like?" Well we are werewolves, yes werewolves! And our mate is Lillieanne. ~”guys, she's near the room”~ said Connor.

We smiled as she walked into the room and she smiled back walking over to where we are sitting. She looked so nice today, all dressed in a purple shirt and light blue jeans with holes in them.

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